A Warning To The Ignorant

A Warning To The Ignorant

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Mr Ghetto Vs The World

I believe that Mr Ghetto has tapped into something here.

The Shake Team - link

I Assume This Is The Original Video
Summary: Rejection

Mr Ghetto has given "the ghetto" a bad name.
He is trying to sell something but is not doing it right as the song incessantly repeats the same line.


The video has more than a million hits, has gotten several news stories to discuss the issue.

After seeing all of the things that AMERICANS are apt to purchase - I would not be surprised if Mr Ghetto could make himself into a millionaire if he was able to monteize what he has done.

This analysis of Mr Ghetto has over 1 Million hits
Odds are - we have not heard the last of "The Shake Team"
A Number Of YouTube Videos showing Black women giving commentary on Mr Ghetto
Some Fads Need Not Go "interracial".
If we can prevent them from spanning the 'racial synapse' and smother them at the source - the American cultural consciousness has a chance of surviving.

(Yes - I say the same thing about many of the events at Good Ole Boy gatherings AND at the snobby things done in The Hamptons)

Same Concept - No Wal-Mart
I Am Just Doing Research On The Subject. I Assure You That They Work At Some Club Though.
Thanks The Magic Of Relevancy Searches - I Was Able To Find An Old Favorite - During My "Research"
The Twerk Team Has Improved Their Skills In The Year Since I Last Checked Them Out ::) ::)
She Might Have Been More Insightful Than Some People Want To Accept