A Warning To The Ignorant

A Warning To The Ignorant

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Hide Your Pit Bulls, Hide Your Yorkshire Terrier

My daughter now thinks that her father is crazy because I LOL'ed so much upon seeing one of the two videos below.  You will understand which of the two that I am talking about after viewing them both.

"What In The World Possessed You To Do That?".   These were the favorite words of my mother as she caught me doing something that I had no business doing.  Now that I have a son I fully understand what she is talking about.   I have never caught my son doing anything like what is shown in this video.  My dog likes to hump people and would surely bite anyone who tried to flip the script.

In the case of the GED student someone formative in his life should have been challenging him with such a question, long before he was let into the doggie kennel.

Some day in the future, when asked during an interview "Why didn't you ever get your high school diploma or GED - I strongly suggest that this young man come up with a story that avoids talking about his tryst with 2 female pit bulls that got him arrested and cut off his academic sponsorship from the owner of the two bitches.

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The Pit Bull has such a reputation for violence.
What about these two dogs allowed this GED student to have his way with them and not get an important appendage of his bitten off?

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