A Warning To The Ignorant

A Warning To The Ignorant

Thursday, November 17, 2011

White Folks At The Occupation: Once This Negro Started Making Bomb Threats We Had To Turn Off The Human Echo Machine

To all of the conservatives who slandered the "Occupiers" as mind-numbed lemmings, using the evidence of the human echo chamber that repeated the words of the speakers - YOU ARE WRONG!!!

The video above shows that there is indeed intelligent processing of the words taken in by their ears, prior to them being "Re-Tweeted" to others through their mouths.

When 'this Negro' in the video started issuing bomb threats and threats about the use of an "AK-47" the White folks seen in the background did what amounts to be a "Shut Off Of The Negro's Microphone".

Replay the video for yourself.
Watch as they are initially repeating his every word.
As he issues the first threat - they all stop the echo.

Comedy Gold!!!

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