A Warning To The Ignorant

A Warning To The Ignorant

Saturday, June 18, 2011

When Searching The Word "Mandingo" Make Sure You Change Your "Google Safe Search" Settings To Strict

After being labeled as "Strawmandingo" by my friend BET Uncut I decided to do research on the word "Mandingo".

Unfortunately I had previously turned off the "Google Safe Search". It defaults to "Moderate" but there is a "Strict" setting as well.

The word "Mandingo" turned up more hits on porn stars who refer to themselves as "Mandingo" than I saw African tribal "Mandingo warriors".

In a second search later in the day when I was trying to find the word for the new fad of "colon cleansing" with water - (colonic cleansing) so that I could slap down a debate adversary. I learned that most of the interest in colon cleansing on the Internet is not for health reasons to remove "undigested fecal matter" from the large intestines. Instead it is mostly in preparation for anal sex. A disproportionate amount of it being HETEROSEXUAL anal sex - to my surprise. (You naughty girls you. :-) )

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