A Warning To The Ignorant

A Warning To The Ignorant

Friday, June 3, 2011

Bullet Proof Glass In Da Hood Series - Philly

I live in a violent metro area - Atlanta.
A Negro gets "Kilt" every 1.25 days.
An armed robbery or smash and grab is a common occurrence.

West Philadelphia has more elaborate "Anti-Street Pirate" devices than anything that I have seen in Metro-Atlanta

This is a picture of a Korean owned Liquor store in West Philly
It has a new "security box" that I note is standard now in the area.
I get the funny feeling that the local "Korean Merchants Association" defined this new security box.
The customer portal is encased in a box made out of bullet proof glass.  You put your money into the box via the standard opening in the main glass that covers the entire front.
The merchant has an opening in the glass that she can reach in, retrieve the money.
After retrieving the money she can place the merchandise inside of the security box and slide it down to the customer for retrieval
The Box is long enough so that no pistol or shot gun stuck into the opening could be aimed at the retailer.  If a person were to stick their arm and gun into the box - with their body remaining outside - the retailer could easily grab the gun out of his hand - there is no way to reach around the box without making one's arm vulnerable in this way.

I still wonder - however - since the box is made out of plexiglass and has screws holding the sides together - if someone fired a few well placed shots - could they blast the back end of the box off and then have free aim at the retailer - regardless of if she went right or left?

Needless today - this security technique stands out as unique to the "City of Brotherly Love"
When I went to KFC for lunch in West Philly - I saw yet another bullet proof  interaction system

The cashier pulls the box in and the floor that is shown pops up to form the barrier from the driver.

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