A Warning To The Ignorant

A Warning To The Ignorant

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Kick Off Announcement - The Corporate Premise Security Equality Project

Please note - the movement that was to be called the "Bullet Proof Glass Equity Project"  has been more accurately renamed into the "Corporate Premise Security Equality Project".
Upon a second visit to the offending location I reached up under the cut out through which equipment is exchanged and noted that it was too thin to be bullet proof.  An AK47 from a Street Pirate would easily shatter the glass.

Clearly the glass barrier is there to defend against irate customers who seek to "cuss out" the customer service reps as they act out against the corporation who cut off their paid television service.   Since the cable boxes are directly addressable (per my difficulty in getting my unit provisioned and thus the multiple trips) they can CUT YOU OFF instantly when you don't pay your bill.

Anyone wanting to punch, throw the equipment at or spit upon the customer service agent has to go through the plexiglass and the talking vent in order to do so.

Per my research this is not about RACE but it is about CLASS.

There were Black, White and Hispanic people at both locations, both times I went to both locations.
It is true, however that Fayette County Georgia has a wealthier income profile than does its neighboring Clayton County to the north.  Fayette is rapidly diversifying as the famed "Black Flight Progressives" move into town, mostly to consume the quality schools and to obtain stability in home values.

The demographic maps brought to us by the New York Times bears this out.

Race Maps Of Metro Atlanta

Yellow Circle = Clayton County
Green Square = Fayette County

Income Maps Of Metro Atlanta - % Of People Below $30,000 Income

I could not content myself into believing that "' Those People' have plexiglass and they just need to deal with it". As is plainly the case - both locations are convenient to where I live and thus I am "disrespected" with the sight of security devices just like these other people when I happen to drive EAST instead of WEST.

The corporations that do business in an array of areas should be made to have one consistent security policy so that people like ME who happen to drive to a variety of their locations don't notice the discriminatory inconsistencies and call them out.

I wonder if the Federal Trade Commission and the Federal Communications Commission should force these corporations to keep a log of violent actions by customers on a per location basis as a means of JUSTIFYING this "Class Profiling" that is clearly present?

We need to do the same with:
  • Gas Stations
  • Banks 
  • Check Cashing Locations 
  • Schools (Metal Detectors) 

Announcing The "Bullet Proof Glass Equality" Project

This is a true story.  Seasoned with the sarcasm that "The Parallel Hood" brings to you.
The newly purchased television equipment for my children's rooms triggered the need for more cable television equipment for my house.   I chose to do an equipment pick up and self install from the local cable company instead of waiting for a service man to come out.
I chose to go to the facility in Clayton County Georgia because it was more in line with my planned to-do list for the day than was their facility in Fayette County Georgia, to the west. 

I went to the cable customer service office in Clayton County.  It was in an office park and had about 10 customers in line.  The most distinctive feature of the location was the glass window barriers between customers and the customer service agents.  They had a large inventory of electronic set top boxes and DVRs so it makes sense to have some measure of security protection was my thoughts upon my visit.
As the service agent pulled up my account they noted that I still had some equipment that had not been turned in on my account and thus the new equipment would trigger a monthly charge.  I recalled that I did have two boxes old boxes in my basement and that I would accept the new equipment and then bring the old boxes back.

On my return trip I saw on my GPS that the Fayette County Office was actually closer.  I decided to drop off my equipment there instead of Clayton County.
Hey wait a minute.   There is something different about this office than the other one?
  • They too have an inventory room full of set-top boxes and DVR
  • They actually had less display items such as televisions in the waiting area to showcase the company's products than did the Clayton office
  • The Fayette office had one less customer service agent than did the Clayton office 
Something is different still.
Oh I know: PLEXIGLASS!!!!!

The office in Clayton County had a glass barrier between the customers and the customer service agents.  It had signs notifying the customers that all of their actions were being monitored by closed circuit television.

The office in Fayette County had open teller stations allowing direct interaction between the two.

We must demand to know immediately:
  1. Is there some security threat assumed in the population of consumers at the "lower income class" location than the other?
  2. Has there been some documented actions in the past in which corporate employees or valuable electronic equipment has been placed at risk for assault or theft?
  3. Does the corporation in question believe that the presence of security barriers sends a message to the consumers?

Please note this as the kick off of the: "Bullet Proof Glass Equity Project"

More to come on this protest movement shortly.

Every corporation that has a presence in areas with differentiated class profiles must ensure that all locations have a common set of security devices.

The presence of barriers placed between the people and the service agents appears to be conditioning the people to get used to talking to their loved ones behind prison walls.

Stay tuned.


Thursday, December 16, 2010

A "Security Threat" Appears On A Security Magazine?

Very strange indeed.
A professional journal chooses to feature a "Hip Hop Voice Of The Street Pirate" on its magazine cover?

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Lessons Learned On How To Stay Out Of Jail From TI: "Don't Be A Yuck Mouth. Take Care Of Your Teeth So You Won't Get Addicted To Oxycontin"

I get the feeling that one day in the future as TI is rendered into the annals of rap history the tale of his drug addiction will be modified from an issue of tooth decay and the resulting addiction to oxycontin per his dental plan over to having been shot in a gangsta gun fight while "representing" and needing drugs to relive the pain from the bullet that remains in his body.

The Interview
In his last magazine interview before going to jail Clifford T.I. Harris speaks candidly on his prescription drug addiction.

“I had a lot of work done to my teeth. Oral surgery, extractions, six, seven, eight root canals,” he tells Erik Parker for Vibe magazine. “Between January to February. As soon as I got out, I had a lot of stuff done. In the joint, you eat shit that is unhealthy for you. I had fillings that fell out and stuff that had to get dealt with. Of course for the pain they gave me oxycontin and hydrocodone. And, mind you, on October 13, 2007, I had cut off everything―weed, alcohol. Then I get these pills and I start taking them for the pain at first. And then I’m like, Wait―this shit makes me feel good. And it’s legal. After the pain went away, I kept taking it. I had like five, six prescriptions. So I had, like 80 pills. Everybody else might have a drink or smoke a blunt, I took a pain pill. Times when I had 18-, 20-hour days, I’d take a pain pill. And eventually I developed―I guess―the beginning stages of dependence.”