A Warning To The Ignorant

A Warning To The Ignorant

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Oh My......Maybe You Are Better Than The Other Weather Girl After All

When it comes to making note of a beautiful woman with a great personality race is no barrier to me in identifying them.   Former CBS Atlanta on air personality Dagmar Midcap was in that category.   She has a bubbly personality which allowed her to expand beyond the job of delivering the weather over to becoming the "mascot" for the station.  (OK - in my own estimation).

When she announced that she was leaving the station for personal reasons I figured that this was a terminal decision for the station.  (Her boyfriend had committed suicide in the ATL and being in the city was too painful to her).   She is to be credited because her on the air presence never gave hint of any personal drama.  She remained as her normal perky self throughout.

Markina Brown stepped in to the job with big shoes to fill.
I later learned that Markina Brown is a trained meteorologist, unlike her predecessor.  She is able to do the analysis that had required a "two man" format in the past.

For some reason though I hadn't been fully sold on Markina Brown UNTIL I saw this video below.   There is something about that dress and how she fills it out in the right places that has me more interested in watching the weather report.

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