A Warning To The Ignorant

A Warning To The Ignorant

Thursday, July 15, 2010

In The Past 12 Months I Have Had 2 White Woman Crash Into My Vehicles

This is a true story.

Last summer as I was driving home from the office a White woman ran into me. On a three lane road I had the outside lane, she was turning left, coming from the opposite direction. With the two inside lanes going my way stopped at a traffic light the other drivers signaled her to turn but she failed to consider the 3rd lane that I was in.

As I drove past the hotel entrance that she was trying to turn into she broadsided my car, damaging my front bumper and my left front quarter panel.

I was not angry. She had insurance. No injuries, my car was going to be fixed.

A few weeks ago as I am stationary at the exit of a shopping center, about to turn left a little White girl in a Scion turns right from the main road and slams into my truck. She puts a dent in my two left side doors and my rear quarter panel.

I did not yell at her. She had insurance.

She claimed that she made too wide of a turn and did not see me.

The day before yesterday I called a local body shop to schedule an appointment so that I can get a repair estimate.  A White woman answered the phone but told me that she did not have an opening till 3 days from now.  I told her that this was too long of a wait, hinting that I would go elsewhere.  She told me that she could squeeze me in at 4pm the next day (yesterday).

When I showed up at the agreed upon time the same elderly White lady who had taken my appointment told me that I was not in the system.  She then told me that I might have to come back tomorrow.  

After seeing a bit of perturbness on my face she said - "Oh, Daniel is finished, let me have him take a look at your vehicle.

In keeping with the theme of this blog - this must be labeled as:  A REVERSE - THEY DIDN'T KNOW THAT I WAS A BLACK MAN ON THE PHONE AND WHEN THEY SAW ME IN PERSON - THEY ACTED FUNNY. 

There is no doubt that she knew that she was talking to a Black man on the phone.  No one would ever mistake me as a White man.  

After she took down my information again we had some small talk.  I saw that the was a nice, elderly woman.  Someone's grandmother.

I saw that anger at the failure to schedule an appointment would not have been the best solution.  (Note - again I did not get angry - I made an expression that showed that it was unacceptable for me to have done my part as a customer and they fell through with theirs).

I then told her the story about how:  "In the past 12 months 2 women have crashed into me".
She asked "Are you trying to say something about female drivers?   I tell you what during lunch time I saw a man cut across 3 lanes of traffic, nearly causing an accident so that he could make a left turn.   My car almost was in the body shop just like yours".

She turned out to be a pleasant "White lady".

Since she was not the "White Women" that had crashed into me - I decided not to hold the actions of these other two "White women" against her.

Now I must get over my fear at seeing "White women" behind the wheel of a car as they approach my way.

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