A Warning To The Ignorant

A Warning To The Ignorant

Friday, July 30, 2010

Free Chicken Causes Riotous Behavior

Sadly this clip is more true than fantasy.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

In The Past 12 Months I Have Had 2 White Woman Crash Into My Vehicles

This is a true story.

Last summer as I was driving home from the office a White woman ran into me. On a three lane road I had the outside lane, she was turning left, coming from the opposite direction. With the two inside lanes going my way stopped at a traffic light the other drivers signaled her to turn but she failed to consider the 3rd lane that I was in.

As I drove past the hotel entrance that she was trying to turn into she broadsided my car, damaging my front bumper and my left front quarter panel.

I was not angry. She had insurance. No injuries, my car was going to be fixed.

A few weeks ago as I am stationary at the exit of a shopping center, about to turn left a little White girl in a Scion turns right from the main road and slams into my truck. She puts a dent in my two left side doors and my rear quarter panel.

I did not yell at her. She had insurance.

She claimed that she made too wide of a turn and did not see me.

The day before yesterday I called a local body shop to schedule an appointment so that I can get a repair estimate.  A White woman answered the phone but told me that she did not have an opening till 3 days from now.  I told her that this was too long of a wait, hinting that I would go elsewhere.  She told me that she could squeeze me in at 4pm the next day (yesterday).

When I showed up at the agreed upon time the same elderly White lady who had taken my appointment told me that I was not in the system.  She then told me that I might have to come back tomorrow.  

After seeing a bit of perturbness on my face she said - "Oh, Daniel is finished, let me have him take a look at your vehicle.

In keeping with the theme of this blog - this must be labeled as:  A REVERSE - THEY DIDN'T KNOW THAT I WAS A BLACK MAN ON THE PHONE AND WHEN THEY SAW ME IN PERSON - THEY ACTED FUNNY. 

There is no doubt that she knew that she was talking to a Black man on the phone.  No one would ever mistake me as a White man.  

After she took down my information again we had some small talk.  I saw that the was a nice, elderly woman.  Someone's grandmother.

I saw that anger at the failure to schedule an appointment would not have been the best solution.  (Note - again I did not get angry - I made an expression that showed that it was unacceptable for me to have done my part as a customer and they fell through with theirs).

I then told her the story about how:  "In the past 12 months 2 women have crashed into me".
She asked "Are you trying to say something about female drivers?   I tell you what during lunch time I saw a man cut across 3 lanes of traffic, nearly causing an accident so that he could make a left turn.   My car almost was in the body shop just like yours".

She turned out to be a pleasant "White lady".

Since she was not the "White Women" that had crashed into me - I decided not to hold the actions of these other two "White women" against her.

Now I must get over my fear at seeing "White women" behind the wheel of a car as they approach my way.

Friday, July 9, 2010

RACISM Against LeBron James

In burning LeBron James' jersey these RACISTS pictured are secretly lusting to burn the body of a BLACK MAN.

That Black man pictured must be an Apartheid Era Black Policeman.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Twerp Report: Your Choice Of Twerpers

Candidate A:

(Note: Bless you NSignificant)

Candidate B:

(Note: Hat Tip Booker Rising. Don't show any more of these type videos ever again.)

Link to the Stanky Leg Report - for easy reference the next time I get depressed.

Excedrine For Racial Tension Headaches

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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

University of Miami Cracks Down On The Debauchery Of Drunken White Girls

School works to stem sororities' debauchery

OXFORD, Ohio — Sorority spring formals call up visions of young women in colorful dresses dancing the night away — not vomiting on tables, urinating in sinks or having sex in closets.
The drunken shenanigans of three sororities at Miami University in southwest Ohio sound like something out of "Animal House" and were especially startling for a school that frequently makes the top 50 in a U.S News & World Report academic ranking but never makes lists of big-time party schools.
The school suspended two of the sororities and put the third on probation. A task force is reviewing discipline and education policies on student behavior and alcohol, and the campus group governing sororities says it will begin teaching new members to speak out when they witness bad behavior.
There is little evidence excessive alcohol consumption is any worse at Miami than other colleges, but students are worried the antics will damage the school's reputation.
"It's embarrassing," said Christina Zielke, 21, a senior from Cleveland, who doesn't belong to a sorority. "This kind of thing gives a bad name not just to the Greek system but to the university and students like me who aren't in the system."
Students also are worried the debauchery could even devalue a Miami diploma, said Heath Ingram, student government president.
"They're angry about the actions of a few damaging Miami's reputation and the effect that might have on getting into the best graduate programs and job opportunities," he said.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Breaking News Police Target "W. Bush" For Arrest - Justice Will Finally Be Served

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I know the title made some of you prematurely happy.

I was actually talking about "James W Bush".