A Warning To The Ignorant

A Warning To The Ignorant

Friday, June 4, 2010


This girl is pretty wild.   She is commercializing on some people's "Chocolate Fantasies"

Glorious Man Destroyer

And she a political liberal.

Who am I? I'm Goddess Glory also known as the Bombilicious Manfuckeruppa, a bitch who has spent all of her adult life trading sexual services for money. I've dabbled in a few different practices mostly domination and now I'm an internet whore primarily producing fetish videos. I'm not sure what to call myself nowadays, dominatrix ain't it, maybe the closest will be a performance artist and activist. After 5 years in the game I'm no longer interested in being anyone's fantasy or sexual service, the purpose of my existence now is putting my energy into doing something bigger with the things I've learned from my experiences in the sex industry to help heal the world. Oh yes, I've learned that sex industry isn't just this unmentionable hole where classless heathens go to spread disease and disgrace humanity, but a hub for a group of people who hold society's deepest darkest secrets and I see the biggest potential in the power there to help pull humanity out of our extremely sexually repressed racist patriarchal hell on earth. There ain't no room here to go into details, so if you want more info on me visit my written blog at goddessglory.blogspot.com or my youtube channel at youtube.com/gloriousmandestroya.

Where Is She From?

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