A Warning To The Ignorant

A Warning To The Ignorant

Friday, January 15, 2010

A Methadone Clinic On The Southside of Atlanta Means What?


A Black Panther Forever said...

Brother Constructive...using heroin to survive Vietnam as a dust=off medic, I have seen some good in the use of methadone. Giving the drug to the addict is just a VERY SMALL part of the solution. The gains from society is that there will be a slight decrease in crime in the area. Now the drug can offer the recovering addict an opportunity to be gainfully employed, to reenter the household as well as refrain from criminal activity that so often is related to his/her drug use. I still only speak to subjects that I am personally and it took me many decades to be fortunately able to say "I am clean--just for today". On the real side methadone clinics also bring unique problems- such as sales of the medications to others not on the program as well as overdose/death--due to the purity and strength of the drug. The drug is not a panacea, butt if used correctly, it will provide a means whereby those trapped by addiction MAY find a way out. I don't know if you have experianced an addiction or not---I have heard "it's replacing one drug with another". True..They are both using the same mechanisms in the bodyand to the one who is adddicted, his concerns should be on doing the right thing to overcome this misery.By the way.. methadone is outdated..the newest approach is buphrenorphine. Used that to come off meth. The key to meth is to start and STAY on a low dose so you can function. Many addicts use it only as a "welfare high"--my ownership of the term. Again it is only a SMALL tool in the recovery toolbox. It prolonged my exodus, I can say this now. StillaPanther2

Constructive Feedback said...


I appreciate your story. I have no doubt that you are a stronger man from the experience and can provide sage advice for others.

Please note - this specific blog is ONLY meant for sarcasm and comedy more than any particular far reaching social commentary.