A Warning To The Ignorant

A Warning To The Ignorant

Monday, November 16, 2009

The Racism That Did Not Happen - At The Gas Station

Here is a picture of the gas pump that is in question.

Last Saturday I pulled into a gas station in a conservative, Republican controlled city in the metro area. I attempted to use my debt card to fill up my car with gasoline.

The machine did not process my card, telling me to "See The Cashier". I tried a different card - same result.

I then walked inside of the store to inquire about the problem. The woman told me that they are having problems authorizing at the pump.

She then asked me "How much do you need". I hesitated because I was thinking of the current price of gas as compared to the amount of gas my car takes. Then she told me - "Just go ahead and pump and then come back in and pay.".

I AM A BLACK MAN!!!!! Why would this White woman in this conservative Republican town TRUST ME? Why didn't she "racially profile me", demanding that I leave my drivers license or at least my iPhone with her as collateral in case I decide to drive away?

To be honest with you - I almost did drive away. I am so used to pre-paying at the pump with my debt card and the rolling. I had to remember to go back inside to pay.

This White woman in this conservative Republican town then took my card and charged me for the gasoline that I had purchased.

No racism. No racial profiling.

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