A Warning To The Ignorant

A Warning To The Ignorant

Monday, November 16, 2009

A McDonalds In Da Hood With A Bullet Proof Drive Through Window

This is yet another in my series titled "The Creative Use Of Bullet Proof Glass In Da Hood"

This is the one picture that came out clear enough for me to show due to the darkness from the night time.

THIS looks like a picture of a bank - right?
You see the drawer that slides out to transact money. There is a think piece of glass that is in front of you despite the fact that you can't see it. We can't be too careful when it comes to safety with bank tellers.

Well this AIN'T a bank. This is a picture of the security mechanisms in place at the McDonalds on Cleveland Avenue in Atlanta.

The cash window and the food handling window both have bullet proof glass and make use of a drawer through which business is transacted through.

You know things are bad when this has to be implemented in a McDonalds.

Now that I think about it - I should drive back through to see if the inside cashiers also are behind glass?

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