A Warning To The Ignorant

A Warning To The Ignorant

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Maybe I Need To Just Stay Off Of The Black Lesbian Site After All?

Diary Of A Black Lesbian

It must be how the male mind works.
We think that a Lesbian is a sexual voyeurist in the first place so they are an "interesting species".

Then we note a few things.

Hey I thought that these were two attractive women when I saw this picture before. Now this self-identified lesbian used this same picture. Conclusion - we are attracted to the same type of women.

From the blog site: Diary Of A Black Lesbian

In Atlanta the black LGBT community is large compared to most other cities, but at times it seems very small. This is because everyone knows someone who dated so-and-so way back when. Chances are your girlfriend has had her fair share of lovers. It’s very hard to take black gays and lesbians seriously here seriously so I don’t personally take them seriously. I’ve been forced into becoming a whore. It is not by choice. I would like nothing more than to settle down and commit myself to one woman, but because everyone around me is out for his or her own gratification I have to settle for short-term flings.
Um hummm . Healthy sexual appetite.

I have enough heterosexual friends to know the same persist with their relationships. No one seems interested in long-term commitment. No one seems concerned about the numerous forms of venereal diseases throughout the black community. No one seems concerned about the numerous out of wedlock children being born. “Black” love has been tossed out the window. There is no such thing as respect anymore.
Out Of Wedlock Children? I didn't know that was even possible in the homosexual world?
What risk does a lesbian have for venereal diseases, except for possibly herpes?

Eventually each individual is going to have to ask him or herself whether or not they like where their love life is headed. I for one don’t plan to stay single forever. I want a woman by my side and I want us to have kids one day. My biggest issue is that I refuse to settle. I don’t want anyone who already has children. I don’t want anyone who lacks ambition and goals. I don’t want anyone I find physically unattractive. The list could go on and on. I’m sure I’ll come across my better half one day, but until then I guess I have no choice but to go with the flow.
Uhhhhh. Never mind.

I would give my left nipple to have one night with Keri Hilson. Let me find out this woman likes women I swear I will ride my horny butt over to Decatur and find her

Hey wait a minute!!!
I've heard (or said) several times: "I would give my left testicle if I could............".

Now we find out that this is said within the lesbian community.

First some of us brothers have to go to a strip joint and distinguish between the "dancers" and the "lesbian observers" who are there to see what we brothers are there to see. NOW we have to deal with them using references to the body parts that they'd give up to be with a particular woman?

This has gone too far!!!!!

(Please note - This is just tongue in cheek satire, mixed with the way men think. )


Anonymous said...

Hey Citizen Ojo tore you a new one in his blog! LOL Challenge! Apparently you have crossed the wrong cat!!!

Constructive Feedback said...

Thanks for the heads up.

I think that he only tore a hole in the cuff of my pants though.