A Warning To The Ignorant

A Warning To The Ignorant

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Which Of These Two Forces Of Capitalism Is Attacked More Frequently By The Black Progressive-Fundamentalist?

A billboard plastered in Midtown Atlanta which has about 20,000 cars per day passing by to read the contents of the sign.

The THUG Awards - Celebrating The Pirates In Our Community (If Not Them Directly Then Their Lifestyle

  • Thugs have been Killing our people during this "Bloody Summer"
  • Thugs have been committing "Smash And Grab" burglaries all year long - They don't "give a what" about Obama being president
  • Thugs have been terrorizing students who have gone to school for education

A brick wall upon a store within a Black community, sponsored by the Coca Cola Corporation

Coca Cola "Celebrates Black History"

Coca Cola was subjected to a racial discrimination lawsuit several years ago netting a $200 million judgement from which attorney Willie Gary was able to purchase a private Boeing 737 with a million dollar sound system
  • Coca Cola has been accused of contributing to the childhood obesity problems with their vending machines
  • Earlier this week I watched "Democracy Now" where they pointed to Coca Cola India having siphoned off much of the ground water for profit, leaving the people with a drought situation.

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