A Warning To The Ignorant

A Warning To The Ignorant

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Racism That Did Not Happen - White Guy Returned My $20

This is a true story.

It happened to me on Thursday.This happened to me in a Southern, Conservative, Republican Controlled town.
A town who's latent racism is only suppressed by the legacy of national enforcement of the federal Constitution.
If the spirit of this movement had not been present - my throat would have been cut by now. Surely.

The scene is a grocery store in Fayette County Georgia. A red county, on the south side of Metro Atlanta.

When I first moved down here there was only one grocery store.
As the population expanded - so did the number of grocery stores. In one intersection - there are 3 supermarkets competing for business.

Along with the growth of this population also came diversity. Black people just like me. Thus the return of this $20 bill to me by a White man had strong symbolic importance to me.

I stood in the express check out line talking to a set of friends. They were White as well. They are family friends. As I talked my daughter did the scanning of the goods. When the checkout popped up on the screen I swiped my debt card and then asked for $20 cash back.

As I was focused on my conversation and getting the kids to come along with me I did not realize that I had left the money in the cash return slot.

I did not realize this until I was in my truck, driving away.

I saw a White man walking toward my truck.
The latent fear that is present in all Black people when they see an unknown White man coming to their truck struck me. A White cop or a White man in casual dress. There is no difference.

He informed me that I had left the $20 in the machine. He was kind enough to give it to me instead of stealing it. STEALING from me today the same way that his ancestors have stolen the labor from my people.

I saw this as my own "reparation".

Finally an honest White man who was not trying to exploit me.

I now am free from the bondage of UptownSteve and Cobra and Filled Negro.

I am equal because a White man gave me MY $20 that was not his. He showed me respect. My self worth has now been returned into my center of gravity.

Thank you White man.
Thank you.


(Please note: THIS IS SARCASM FOLKS!!!! Anything on this specific blog should never be used against me if I ever become famous. It is meant to be over the top.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

you are obviously a racist, because you are making fun of black claims about racism.

Wait... you are black. Oh, crap. That makes things more complicated. If you were making fun of blacks who acted white, that'd be okay. You might even get a really favorable story in TV Guide, like Chappelle. But you can't go around saying white people aren't racist, especially not Southern white people.

I'm sorry but I work for network news and we can't have this. How can people like US feel superior to everyone else if WE can't be protecting YOU from those RACISTS?

WE believe in free speech, but not your kind of speech, buddy. How about if you work in "KKK" somewhere? Please amend your story to say that the white guy drew a KKK hood on Andy Jackson before returning your bill.