A Warning To The Ignorant

A Warning To The Ignorant

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Next Time I Buy "FUBU" I Need To Make Sure Of 2 Things

After driving through 'Da Hood' today to get a first hand view of some recent scenes that made the news I was hungry.

I did not want to eat any fast food. I did not feel like going home and then cooking.

I had the brilliant idea to kill two birds with one stone.
I decided to you purchase some freshly prepared fish and I was going to support a Black owned business in the community.

I erred greatly on both counts.

First I made the assumption that every "Supreme Fish Delight In the ATL were Black owned".  Or put it this way - how about you taking a guess as to who the owner is in the picture below. 

I saw three people behind the counter in the fish joint:

  • The  Black Female who was the cashier
  • The Black Male doing the cooking
  • And - to my surprise - the Chinese Guy who came out of the office while I was waiting for my fish to cook

I should have gotten the hint from the customer who told the cashier "Please don't cook the fish to the point where it is crunchy and tasting like shoe leather. I want it crispy not crunchy".

I get my fish and then drive away.

My stomach was growling and I was getting light headed because I had a light lunch and was working all afternoon long.

Then I bit into the fish.
This is the worst tasting fish that I have ever tasted.
Whereas I make my own fish with a healthy dose of paprika, Cheyenne pepper, salt and garlic salt - this crap tasted like, like, like - shoe leather with corn meal upon it.
I figured that not even hot sauce could rescue this stuff.

Next time I am going "Yasin's Fish".
If they don't have "The Final Call" and "Bean Pies" for sale any longer - I am ging to ask for a fish sample before making my purchase.

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