A Warning To The Ignorant

A Warning To The Ignorant

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

New Series: "Things Only White Folks Are Likely To Do"

Barefoot running gains toehold on respectability

When I think about the City of Baltimore I think of a place that has too many broken bottles on the ground for anyone to even think about running barefoot.

This new fad sounds like a quick admission into the emergency room to remove some sharp object from the bottom of one's foot.

If they were to limit themselves to known Track and Field facilities then I might be more accepting. Doing so on the streets of most of urban America means that the likely laceration offsets any physical exercise that one will receive.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Hooper X

(I am sorry but I had to steal this from BlackConsciousThought. This is too funny)

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Kanye West Recognized on YouTube, Obama's Comment Tweeted

Remember that "You can't take the Ghetto out of........"

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Tim Wise Wuz Right: No One Expected 2 White Thieves To Be Thieves

Some times the preponderance of evidence force me to unwillingly agree with my ideological adversaries. This is such an occasion.

TIM WISE - You are correct.

Had these two men who came into a hospital with a dolly and rolled out an ATM full of $90,000 full of money had been BLACK - they would have been challenged before being allowed to make such a haul.

Mr Wise - you continue to be the best vocalist for Black stultification that I know of - besides Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg. Keep up the good work.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Bullet Proof Glass Report - Financial Institutions In The Hood

A new series - The Bullet Proof Glass Report

Detailing how "Da Man" seeks to limit the human interactions and bonding between humans in the community BECAUSE these capitalists love THEIR MONEY more than they love human to human contact.

The Bank Of America branch inside of the Kroger on Ralph David Abernathy Dr in the West End.

Despite having some large beautiful black and white photos plastered high on the wall - detailing various scenes of the Black community from the 1940's.

Sadly despite this conscious and historical view up above - the banking branch inside of the store aren't as ethereal about being on "Ralph David Abernathy", named after the famous civil rights leader. Since the Pirates have no respect for "R.D.A." there is a need for plexiglass.

It appears that the Pirates must make the first move and show some regard for those who worked hard in the struggle before the banks will remove their plexiglass.

Which Of These Two Forces Of Capitalism Is Attacked More Frequently By The Black Progressive-Fundamentalist?

A billboard plastered in Midtown Atlanta which has about 20,000 cars per day passing by to read the contents of the sign.

The THUG Awards - Celebrating The Pirates In Our Community (If Not Them Directly Then Their Lifestyle

  • Thugs have been Killing our people during this "Bloody Summer"
  • Thugs have been committing "Smash And Grab" burglaries all year long - They don't "give a what" about Obama being president
  • Thugs have been terrorizing students who have gone to school for education

A brick wall upon a store within a Black community, sponsored by the Coca Cola Corporation

Coca Cola "Celebrates Black History"

Coca Cola was subjected to a racial discrimination lawsuit several years ago netting a $200 million judgement from which attorney Willie Gary was able to purchase a private Boeing 737 with a million dollar sound system
  • Coca Cola has been accused of contributing to the childhood obesity problems with their vending machines
  • Earlier this week I watched "Democracy Now" where they pointed to Coca Cola India having siphoned off much of the ground water for profit, leaving the people with a drought situation.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Offended By Gorilla Glue At Lowes

I was shocked.

I walked into the local big box hardware store looking for some wood glue to repair some household destruction that my kids had rendered.

How could Lowes sell a product that is so offensive in its labeling?

Next Time I Buy "FUBU" I Need To Make Sure Of 2 Things

After driving through 'Da Hood' today to get a first hand view of some recent scenes that made the news I was hungry.

I did not want to eat any fast food. I did not feel like going home and then cooking.

I had the brilliant idea to kill two birds with one stone.
I decided to you purchase some freshly prepared fish and I was going to support a Black owned business in the community.

I erred greatly on both counts.

First I made the assumption that every "Supreme Fish Delight In the ATL were Black owned".  Or put it this way - how about you taking a guess as to who the owner is in the picture below. 

I saw three people behind the counter in the fish joint:

  • The  Black Female who was the cashier
  • The Black Male doing the cooking
  • And - to my surprise - the Chinese Guy who came out of the office while I was waiting for my fish to cook

I should have gotten the hint from the customer who told the cashier "Please don't cook the fish to the point where it is crunchy and tasting like shoe leather. I want it crispy not crunchy".

I get my fish and then drive away.

My stomach was growling and I was getting light headed because I had a light lunch and was working all afternoon long.

Then I bit into the fish.
This is the worst tasting fish that I have ever tasted.
Whereas I make my own fish with a healthy dose of paprika, Cheyenne pepper, salt and garlic salt - this crap tasted like, like, like - shoe leather with corn meal upon it.
I figured that not even hot sauce could rescue this stuff.

Next time I am going "Yasin's Fish".
If they don't have "The Final Call" and "Bean Pies" for sale any longer - I am ging to ask for a fish sample before making my purchase.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Racism That Did Not Happen - White Guy Returned My $20

This is a true story.

It happened to me on Thursday.This happened to me in a Southern, Conservative, Republican Controlled town.
A town who's latent racism is only suppressed by the legacy of national enforcement of the federal Constitution.
If the spirit of this movement had not been present - my throat would have been cut by now. Surely.

The scene is a grocery store in Fayette County Georgia. A red county, on the south side of Metro Atlanta.

When I first moved down here there was only one grocery store.
As the population expanded - so did the number of grocery stores. In one intersection - there are 3 supermarkets competing for business.

Along with the growth of this population also came diversity. Black people just like me. Thus the return of this $20 bill to me by a White man had strong symbolic importance to me.

I stood in the express check out line talking to a set of friends. They were White as well. They are family friends. As I talked my daughter did the scanning of the goods. When the checkout popped up on the screen I swiped my debt card and then asked for $20 cash back.

As I was focused on my conversation and getting the kids to come along with me I did not realize that I had left the money in the cash return slot.

I did not realize this until I was in my truck, driving away.

I saw a White man walking toward my truck.
The latent fear that is present in all Black people when they see an unknown White man coming to their truck struck me. A White cop or a White man in casual dress. There is no difference.

He informed me that I had left the $20 in the machine. He was kind enough to give it to me instead of stealing it. STEALING from me today the same way that his ancestors have stolen the labor from my people.

I saw this as my own "reparation".

Finally an honest White man who was not trying to exploit me.

I now am free from the bondage of UptownSteve and Cobra and Filled Negro.

I am equal because a White man gave me MY $20 that was not his. He showed me respect. My self worth has now been returned into my center of gravity.

Thank you White man.
Thank you.


(Please note: THIS IS SARCASM FOLKS!!!! Anything on this specific blog should never be used against me if I ever become famous. It is meant to be over the top.

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