A Warning To The Ignorant

A Warning To The Ignorant

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I Charge The Rap Group "Goodie Mob" With Racism Against Themselves For This Insensitve Reference To Monkies That Upsets Sensitive Blacks


I was responding to a hater via a blog post. I though of the phrase "One Monkey Don't Stop No Show". I got curious as to the origin of this popular phrase. I typed the phrase into a search engine. The first response was Wikipedia. I clicked on the link and this phrase was associated with the album by this title released by the rap group "Goodie Mob".

Since "monkey references" are offensive to sensitive Blacks who allow their emotions to trump SCIENCE I found it racist that Goodie Mob would make use of this racist phrase. Thus Goodie mob as Black people have committed RACISM against Black people - since they, themselves are Black.

How is it that the Goodie Mob took "ownership" of this hateful phrase?

How do they know that some racist White man who created this phrase was not intending it to be directed at a person?

Since I view the hip hop rapper as equal to a newspaper editorial cartoonist, a talk show host and a politician I am forced to demand that the civil rights activist groups who are quick to jump on all things "monkey" to do the same against "Goodie Mob".

OK - lets go after the ubiquitous "Green Lighting White Music Executive" who allowed the Black group to go forward with the name?

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Anonymous said...

Wow, it always perplexes me when morons write blogs. Why show off your stupidity? One monkey don't stop no show is an old phrase which far predates Goodie Mob. Your blind ignorance is hilarious. The album title was in reference to cee-lo who had left the group before the album was released. The phrase suits their situation and has nothing to do with race. What on earth your 'science' is you are referring to must be equally stupid. Are you really one of those morons who think blacks are lesser evolved than other races? Are you truly ignorant of the fact skin pigment is dictated by physical environment and adaptability to temperature? Wait I am probably using too many big words for you. I will leave it at that.