A Warning To The Ignorant

A Warning To The Ignorant

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Hidden Racism In The Opposition To The New Vision Night Club?

After listening to the Racism Chasers I have become more sensitive to their claims of racism.
Racism today is not in the form of a Klan attack. It is far more subtle. These White folks have learned their lesson based upon the media scrutiny they have faced.

First we have the article in the Atlanta Journal Constitution that sets up the issue of debate over the proposed night club in Midtown Atlanta that is frequented by young Black folks:

AJC: Neighbors don't want a new Vision nightclub

he homeowners gathered at the city’s Neighborhood Planning Unit E meeting, where Vision’s former owners presented their plans for a new nightclub and a lounge. The new club, which doesn’t have a name yet, would be at the southeast corner of Peachtree and 11th streets.

The project’s opponents have created a Web site called www.keepmidtownsafe.com that outlines concerns such as excessive traffic, noise and crime. The Web site has an online petition with 110 signatures opposing the plans.

Peachtree Street resident Jeff Smith, who lives five blocks south of the proposed site, said his windows rattled with noise from Vision party-goers.

“It was a living hell,” he said. “When Vision closed, I was finally able to sleep at night.”

DeWayne Martin, an attorney representing the owners, said his clients will abide by the city’s noise ordinance. He said the owners will have off-duty police officers providing security.

“We will do everything we can to be a good neighbor,” he said.

Martin called the criticism “curious,” noting that there are several other after-hours spots in the area.

When I read the line that contained the word "CURIOUS" I understood that to mean that the representative for the club owner questioned the motivation of the opposition. Thus I followed the link to the oppositions web site.

The web site pimp smacked me back into reality.
This is in fact a KLAN web site, indeed. If the "White Citizens Council" had a face in 2009 - this would be their web site!!

Just look at it.

Notice the 3 elements that jump out at any Black person who dares go to the site.

  1. See the picture perfect White family. They are fearful that their White daughters might get some "soul" in her and then go around to a Black dance club right around the corner from them and then come home with a Black guy. If these people's grandson is a Black child - the picture would be shattered.
  2. The Angry White Man - Notice the White man pictured under the "No" section. He is not interested in having a venue that will attract a group of undesirables to his community once again. He misses the old days where he could simply bring a shot gun and thus strike fear upon "the Blacks" - keeping them on their own side of the MARTA train tracks.
  3. Notice the Wedding Rings - The Angry White man from above recalled the picture of the old club where Black women would go inside with short dresses. Black folks would be bumping and grinding on each other. All sorts of fornication or thoughts of fornication would be taking place there in. This must be stopped.

OR - maybe it was the frequent reports of assaults and the occasional murder that they are seeking to avoid?

The two-block stretch of Peachtree Street between 11th and 13th streets was once one of Atlanta’s most prominent party districts. The area, however, had some high-profile shootings and other crimes. Those blocks are now part of the high-rise construction boom along Peachtree Street.


Anonymous said...

I sit on one of the neighbor boards that has been exposed to this opposition. 80% of residential concerns can be dismissed as racism, the other 20% (crowds noise, etc) can be dismissed as the price one pays for living in an inner city.

The underlying racism of this opposition is so think, it is almost palatable.

Constructive Feedback said...

Don't know where you live - but Not only are WHITE FOLKS who are seeing the crime and murder problem in Atlanta and WHO is doing it getting concerned about what they are seeing..............when the SCLC is forced to hold a protest march against the actions of BLACK PEOPLE you know that there is indeed a real problem.

The sad fact is that while 95% of the crowd is well mannered they inevitably bring the Thug Crowd who is trying to party. There has been several well publicized gun battles and/or murders outside of each and ever popular Black dance club in the Metro area over the past 2 years.

The Black community has a crime and violence problem. It is time to stop denial and start MANAGING the people.

Some times what appears as 'racism' is in truth - CALLING IT LIKE IT IS.

The only difference is that when Black say "I am moving out of this community" it is not taken as RACISM. Yet they are expressing the very same sentiment as the whites who are looking at where there is a problem.

Anonymous said...

I have to say… I’m extremely disappointed that people are trying to make this into a racial or homophobic issue – ITS NOT. This is about people’s safety. This is about the fact that numerous individuals have been brutally killed in these types of establishments. Does anyone remember Randy Griffin? The man shot and killed outside of Club 112 on 11th and Peachtree… or the security guard shot at Club Dreams… how about Carl Edwards Green who was shot at Opera… or the guy shot in the abdomen twice at Compound… or the two men stabbed at Lucky Lounge… or Demetrius Holt who was shot in the back and killed at American Legion. Why isn’t anyone talking about these murders and the unfortunate fact that hip-hop clubs nurture this type of crime? Why are the supporters of this club willing to take another chance at the cost of someone’s life?