A Warning To The Ignorant

A Warning To The Ignorant

Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Photographic Negative - Racism That Did Not Happen To Me - In A Southern Airport

I got away with two interactions with old White men while in the South within about 15 minutes of each other and I live to tell about it.

First I was in the security check point line. I got past the initial ID checker. An older White man who looked strangely like Dick Cheney was ahead of me. There were 2 security lines but everyone was bunched up into one line. I said "excuse me" to this old White-Dick Cheney looking man as I tried to slide behind him to the left so that I could get to the other line that was shorter. He didn't hear me so I moved behind him. As soon as I got one step past him both lines moved forward and then he finally saw the shorter line to the left.

Had this old White-Dick Cheney looking man decided to raise a stink he could have accused me of "breaking the line and getting in front of him". Now you all know that I am a Black man, right? One can't be too careful in an former Confederate state. I just tested the waters to see if my civil rights actually account for something today. I frequently hear references to "people still fighting the Civil War" so I may have exposed myself to some risk.

I waited for the old White-Dick Cheney looking man to tell the one TSA White guy who was watching it all that I had busted through the line and that he needed to "DO SOMETHING about that Black guy". You see the way White Supremacy works - if you allow the Negro to think that he is an EQUAL - he is going to keep pushing the line until HE (the Negro) realizes that in fact HE IS!!!

The last test was to insure that as I took my laptop out of my bag for scanning that this old White-Dick Cheney looking man did not try to claim that I, a Black man STOLE his laptop we he took it out of his bag. I don't have any proof that it is my computer so its a good thing that he didn't try it. A brother 50 years ago in the same predicament in this former Confederate state that I am visiting would not have a chance.

As I sat down, having plugged my phone up for recharging I began to read the paper. I had the sections that I had finished laid over the back of the chair that is sitting next to me.

Then ANOTHER old-White man, this time who didn't look like Dick Cheney walked up behind him and asked me "Is this your paper?". I said "yes it is". I usually don't bother reading the Sports section of the USA Today and I browse through the "Lifestyle section" real quick and then put it aside as well. I didn't see which sections I had put up on the seat and if I needed to keep the Section A and the Money section. So I did not give the old White man who wanted my paper - My Paper. I had a choice to do so and I declined! I AM EQUAL......now!!!!

(Note: One day I am going to find a camera that has a high quality zoom so that I can capture details such as the words on bumper stickers and which allows me to photograph people without them knowing it. I see some interesting people in my travels but I don't want to get into a fist fight after I have taken someone's picture without their permission. I am sure that there is some law against taking a picture of an airport security check point as well so the old White-Dick Cheney looking man will remain anonymous.)

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