A Warning To The Ignorant

A Warning To The Ignorant

Thursday, July 16, 2009

A Black Family Reunion In A Conservative County - Racism That Did Not Happen

Fresh from the news just outside of Philly about how a group of Black folks were asked to leave a public accommodation I again set out to make reference to the state of racial affairs.

This past Saturday as I rode my bike in a local park I saw an eye opening event.
For the first time in my awareness there was a Black family that successfully procured the use of a public park for their family reunion.

Keep in mind - this is a conservative, Republican dominated county in northern Georgia. These facts should be the fuel for a major racist incident that would be seen nationally.

Instead the family came, they barbqued and then they left. No one got arrested at the bequest of some racist White park goer, disturbed by the 'change in complexion' of the park.

I was curious about "these Negros" and thus I went up to the guy who was hanging the signs and balloons. I said "What's up cousin? What time is dinner served?"

He told me that the family is not actually from Georgia. They choose a reunion site in various cities and then congregate together. It just so happened that one of their family members is a local resident. Atlanta is always a popular destination for Black family reunions.

When I say "Atlanta" I do mean "Atlanta". Grant Park in Atlanta, not Kiwanis Park in the conservative, Republican controlled Fayette County Georgia.

If there was indeed a shooting at Lithonia Park in Dekalb County earlier this summer where two people who had beef shot as Black kids played at the park then, no question about it - this Republican controlled park is likely to lead to a massacre of Black people. Right?

I have to assume that the family member that lives locally is indeed a "Black Flight Progressive". I drove through the parking lot and saw license plates from Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania and North Carolina. I also saw a lot of "Obama" bumper stickers as well.

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