A Warning To The Ignorant

A Warning To The Ignorant

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

17 Year Old Pirates Rejoice!!! Atlanta's Curfew Will Stop At 16!

City Council members and citizens presented ideas for public safety

The Atlanta City Council Member who was carjacked DURING DAYLIGHT HOURS ON A WEEKEND is now proposing a curfew that lasts between 8:30am and 2:30pm.

I feel safer already.

Friday, July 24, 2009

"The Blackest Man On The Planent"......Wears Bytch Glasses

Shout out to my man Denmark Vesey!!

I like you more than I dislike you.

That "Lil 'Wayne" infatuation that you have remains problematic though.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

A Black Man Was Seen By A Security Guard Rambling Through The Trunk Of A Car And Was Not Accosted

A Black Man Was Seen By A Security Guard Rambling Through The Trunk Of A Car And Was Not Accosted!!

(Note: That is not a picture of my car. By the time my stupid camera phone had focused - the "rent a cop" had turned the corner in his car, yellow lights blazing on top - as if that is going to scare somebody. Anyway - back to the bit.......)

How could this happen?

Last Wednesday as I exited the office of the big, evil capitalistic corporation that I work for I had the trunk of my car opened. I was putting my laptop bag and other items that I was carrying out of my office into my trunk.

Now keep in mind (true story) about 2 months ago we had a problem with pirates who came into the garage mid-day and broke people's windows, stealing their GPS, cellphones or any other valuables that were left out in the open. I won't venture to assume a profile upon these robbers. I doubt that they were Chinese males, breaking into cars, seeking to repossess the electronic goods they had made some time earlier.

Thus I was struck!!

Here I am a big Black guy, rustling around in an open trunk in a garage that had been hit several times recently - and I did not get STOPPED by security!!!

What is going on?

Don't these people watch the news?

I am a threat to society.

As much as I am on the lookout for "Racial Profiling" since I hear about it so much as a threat to me - as hard as I try to be profiled - it never seems to happen.

Maybe I should have had my pants hanging off of my azz?

Thursday, July 16, 2009

"GOP Boxer Shorts" For Street Thugs

I have an idea Jody. Why don't you and Filled Negro come up with some "GOP Boxer Shorts"?

Think about it Jody!
Market these "GOP Boxer Shorts to YOUNG BLACK MALES"!!!!

They will have the face of George W Bush on the front crotch part and then the face of Ronald Regan on the backside.

When they grab their private parts in the front they are subconsciously telling George Bush to "*#*#* their *#*#&&$".

When they get skid marks on the back side it is Ronald Reagan's face, the man that STARTED THE DOWNFALL OF BLACK AMERICA in the eyes of KIDS, gets a brown face as a result of the mark.

The racist White cops who are otherwise inclined to "Put their foot up a N#&gg*3's Azz" would NEVER NEVER NEVER think to kick their leader in the face Jody!!

Think of the possibilities!!!

Forget about outsourcing this to China or Guatemala. You can work with Filled Negro to round up some unemployed people from Southwest Philly to work the sewing machines and the ironing boards.

Think about it Jody. You'll be RICH!!
I will open source my idea so don't worry about the royalties.

I bet you anything that Kid wears this fashion style. You can use him as a test model.

What do you think?

Racism That Did Not Happen - A White Man Cutting My Black Neighbor's Lawn

Now wait just a minute. This is going too far. We Black people are now "getting too uppity".

How is it that a White man is cutting the grass of a BLACK PROPERTY OWNER?
Not only this - but the Black folks live in a Republican controlled county!!!

If things are as marketed by the NAACP and others - this White man should be petitioning the conservative Republican court system to TAKE the property from this Black man and giving it to the White lawn mower. I see this White man cutting this Black man's grass every 2 weeks. This should be cause for him to claim ownwership.

With the help of the racist local court system, controlled by Republicans - my neighbor had better start packing his bags.

He is NOT going to be in this house for long.

A Black Family Reunion In A Conservative County - Racism That Did Not Happen

Fresh from the news just outside of Philly about how a group of Black folks were asked to leave a public accommodation I again set out to make reference to the state of racial affairs.

This past Saturday as I rode my bike in a local park I saw an eye opening event.
For the first time in my awareness there was a Black family that successfully procured the use of a public park for their family reunion.

Keep in mind - this is a conservative, Republican dominated county in northern Georgia. These facts should be the fuel for a major racist incident that would be seen nationally.

Instead the family came, they barbqued and then they left. No one got arrested at the bequest of some racist White park goer, disturbed by the 'change in complexion' of the park.

I was curious about "these Negros" and thus I went up to the guy who was hanging the signs and balloons. I said "What's up cousin? What time is dinner served?"

He told me that the family is not actually from Georgia. They choose a reunion site in various cities and then congregate together. It just so happened that one of their family members is a local resident. Atlanta is always a popular destination for Black family reunions.

When I say "Atlanta" I do mean "Atlanta". Grant Park in Atlanta, not Kiwanis Park in the conservative, Republican controlled Fayette County Georgia.

If there was indeed a shooting at Lithonia Park in Dekalb County earlier this summer where two people who had beef shot as Black kids played at the park then, no question about it - this Republican controlled park is likely to lead to a massacre of Black people. Right?

I have to assume that the family member that lives locally is indeed a "Black Flight Progressive". I drove through the parking lot and saw license plates from Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania and North Carolina. I also saw a lot of "Obama" bumper stickers as well.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Racism That Did Not Happen

Ah the joys of suburban living.

Black folks, departing the inner city after having won the elections yet they fear that the Thugs are going to kick in their front door while they are at work and steal all of their stuff.

Now keep in mind that 50 years ago the thought of these two Black folks (and me behind them on my bike), walking through a racist conservative county where we had no business would not have been tolerated.

So I kept an eye out as they walked to make sure that the growing threat from Right Wing Hate Groups since Obama was elected did not put them at any risk.

From what I could tell they were simply more interested in walking off the calories received from that Fourth Of July Cook Out than they were concerned about a Klan attack.

It is important to me to show that 99.99% of the time - Black folks make it through these type of situations without being assaulted by the Klan. Not that you'd get this view if you listened to the NAACP or the "National Action Network"

Monday, July 13, 2009

France Says "Too Many Black Americans Are Being Murdered", Shows Solidarity With Actual Innocent Black American Victims

The Real World:
France shows “solidarity” with death row inmate Troy Davis


Today the nation of France, a long time respite for African-Americans seeking a respite from the brutality of Jim Crow racism, oppression and artistic suppression has made note of the outrageous murder spree that is cutting down the lives of Black people while the US Justice Department looks on with a great amount of disinterest.

The French Foreign Minister was quoted as follows:

Il ya 50 ans, nous étions sur le côté droit de la lutte
que rencontrent les Afro-Américains. Nous avons fourni un lieu sûr
pour ceux qui se sentent menacés par le racisme et la haine dans

Aujourd'hui, comme nous le montre les différents journaux télévisés des grandes villes
les canaux qui leur flux vidéo sur Internet, nous voyons
que les choses ont changé. Lorsque, de retour dans la journée, la
raciste blanc homme tué, agressé et violé des Noirs
- Aujourd'hui, l'assaillant a changé. Aujourd'hui, le Black
pirate est agressé la population noire. Nous, le peuple de
France, sont un peuple d'un état supérieur de l'humanité. Nous
refuser de regarder de l'autre a été de permettre que les gens sectaires
ces horribles conditions de persister.

Aujourd'hui, nous sommes tous innocents par les Noirs américains qui sont
être terrorisés dans leur propre communauté. Nous appelons
Obama l'administration pour assurer la protection des
Afro-Américains qui sont terrorisés dans leurs propres

Nous envisageons de déposer une résolution à l'ONU
dénoncer ces violations des droits humains

50 years ago we were on the right side of the struggle that African Americans faced. We provided a safe place for those who felt threatened by the racism and hatred in America.

Today as we watch the various big city television news channels that stream their video over the Internet we see that things have changed. Where as back in the day the racist White man killed, assaulted and raped Black people - today the assailant has changed. Today the Black pirate is assaulting Black people. We, the people of France are a people of a higher state of humanity. We refuse to look the other was as bigoted people allow these horrendous conditions to persist.

Today we stand by all innocent Black Americans who are being terrorized in their own community. We call upon the Obama Administration to provide protection to the African Americans who are being terrorized in their own communities.

We plan to file a resolution with the United Nations decrying these human rights violations.

Comedy - Cockblocking

Sunday, July 5, 2009

White Folks Protest At The Funeral Of The Killer Of Their Children

I am just thankful that no members of the local "Concerned Black Clergy" came out to do a counterprotest against these "White folks" for disrespecting the internment of a Black man.

I take it that they figured that if they created this standard that the next time a rival gang shot up a funeral of their enemy they'd be forced to speak out against this.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Photographic Negative - Racism That Did Not Happen To Me - In A Southern Airport

I got away with two interactions with old White men while in the South within about 15 minutes of each other and I live to tell about it.

First I was in the security check point line. I got past the initial ID checker. An older White man who looked strangely like Dick Cheney was ahead of me. There were 2 security lines but everyone was bunched up into one line. I said "excuse me" to this old White-Dick Cheney looking man as I tried to slide behind him to the left so that I could get to the other line that was shorter. He didn't hear me so I moved behind him. As soon as I got one step past him both lines moved forward and then he finally saw the shorter line to the left.

Had this old White-Dick Cheney looking man decided to raise a stink he could have accused me of "breaking the line and getting in front of him". Now you all know that I am a Black man, right? One can't be too careful in an former Confederate state. I just tested the waters to see if my civil rights actually account for something today. I frequently hear references to "people still fighting the Civil War" so I may have exposed myself to some risk.

I waited for the old White-Dick Cheney looking man to tell the one TSA White guy who was watching it all that I had busted through the line and that he needed to "DO SOMETHING about that Black guy". You see the way White Supremacy works - if you allow the Negro to think that he is an EQUAL - he is going to keep pushing the line until HE (the Negro) realizes that in fact HE IS!!!

The last test was to insure that as I took my laptop out of my bag for scanning that this old White-Dick Cheney looking man did not try to claim that I, a Black man STOLE his laptop we he took it out of his bag. I don't have any proof that it is my computer so its a good thing that he didn't try it. A brother 50 years ago in the same predicament in this former Confederate state that I am visiting would not have a chance.

As I sat down, having plugged my phone up for recharging I began to read the paper. I had the sections that I had finished laid over the back of the chair that is sitting next to me.

Then ANOTHER old-White man, this time who didn't look like Dick Cheney walked up behind him and asked me "Is this your paper?". I said "yes it is". I usually don't bother reading the Sports section of the USA Today and I browse through the "Lifestyle section" real quick and then put it aside as well. I didn't see which sections I had put up on the seat and if I needed to keep the Section A and the Money section. So I did not give the old White man who wanted my paper - My Paper. I had a choice to do so and I declined! I AM EQUAL......now!!!!

(Note: One day I am going to find a camera that has a high quality zoom so that I can capture details such as the words on bumper stickers and which allows me to photograph people without them knowing it. I see some interesting people in my travels but I don't want to get into a fist fight after I have taken someone's picture without their permission. I am sure that there is some law against taking a picture of an airport security check point as well so the old White-Dick Cheney looking man will remain anonymous.)