A Warning To The Ignorant

A Warning To The Ignorant

Monday, June 1, 2009

What Is Playing In The CD Changer Of The Abortion Doctor Murderer?

[quote]Will Barber and her ilk own up to creating the climate in which this man was MURDERED IN CHURCH?[/quote]

Rikyrah - IF you were to accept responsibility for what various "Democratic Party campaigners" posing as Hip Hop artists have done in the way of violence and murder WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY........I would be more than happy to GO OUT OF MY WAY to support you on the claim that Ms. Barber and her ilk are responsible for the BLOOD BATH that we have seen among abortion doctors.

(No no no. I am not talking about what the Doctors do with their vacuums. I am talking about the high profile MURDERS that these 'crackpots' have rendered upon the doctors)

I would like to hear a report about the contents of this man's CD CHANGER out of his car.

Did he have in:

* Slot 1: Rush Limbaugh's "Paul Shanklan Murders The Hits" - featuring "Barack The Magic Negro Remix"

* Slot 2: "Bill O'Reilly Is My God and 'I'll Follow' - Volume 2"

* Slot 3: "How To Win Bigoted Friends And Influence The Suppression Of People By Being A Republican" - By Larry Elder

* Slot 4: "Love The Fetus, Hate The Child" - Assorted Speeches By The Congressional Black Caucus Talking Against Republicans And How To Respond To Them

* Slot 5: Empty

Man, Rikyrah - these White Record Executives REALLY must be stopped at this point.

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