A Warning To The Ignorant

A Warning To The Ignorant

Friday, June 19, 2009

The Photographic Negative - The Racism That I Did Not Experience - Episode One

Introduction Of The New Bit

Since so many of my Black brothers and sisters seek to have other Black people live vicariously via their personal experiences with DISCRIMINATION and "White On Black" racism I figured that I'd initiate a brand new chronicle of my own life experiences but with a twist.

I will document the occasions where I should have been "discriminated against" but the outcome turned out differently. Of course being that this is the "Parallel Hood" - the reenactment will be pregnant with sarcasm.

My Non-Racist Incident At Dick's

I live in a conservative, Republican dominated county in the former Confederate state of Georgia. As I listen to various media imprints from my fellow African-Americans I am mindful that I should be "Afraid. Be very, very afraid of RACISM!!!". Around each corner there is some White person seeking to "put me in my place for no other reason than I am Black. I am brownskinned at that so this is even "worse" from the perspective of the White folks.

Today I chose to go to Dick's Sporting Goods to get a price on some exercise equipment. During yesterday's work out at the gym I used a ab crunch seat for the first time. That was far better than my incline board that I have already. I wanted to get a price.

I walked up to the Dick's location in my conservative, Republican dominated county at around 9:05 am. As I got closer to the door I saw that their new hours have them opening at 9:30 am. I'd swear that I came to this exact same location a few weeks ago and they were open at 9 am. It is possible that this was Sports Authority though. I did not feel like driving down to S.A. I did not feel like waiting here. A Black man can't be too careful standing in front of a store these days. You know with that racial profiling going on and all. I might look like the guy who robbed the place a few weeks ago, you know.

As I walked closer to the door, the door opened up. Hey.
Then I walked through to the next door and......IT OPENED UP TOO!!!
Then I looked right and I saw the entire sales team having their morning meeting.

"Hey. I'm Black. You guys are going to throw me out of your store, telling me 'Get your Black behind back outside. Can't you read boy?'". I do live in a conservative county you know.

Then I saw a Black guy in with the group. You never know though. He might have been a "Clarence Thomas type" of Black guy. As the Whites interogate me - he would plant a "Gatoraide Gum" packet in my pocket and have me arrested for shoplifting.

None of this happened!!

Despite being about 20 minutes early before the official opening the only thing I heard was "Good morning SIR".

"Sir!?!?!" That is offensive. I see what Senator Boxer means. How dare they call me "Sir"?

Then the "racism" hit. Though they did let me into the store.....no one came to assist me until 9:30. Now I know how Oprah felt in the incident with the European jeweler. It has to be because I am Black.

At 9:30 the Black guy who I saw before came back to help me. I told him that I wanted the ab crunch bench that was on display. He went to the back, saw that they were out of stock and then gave me a 10% discount on the display model.

Now I can work to get my 6-pack back - all because I chose to "Walk Into A Closed Store In A Conservative Area While Black" W.I.A.C.S.I.A.C.A.W.B. and I lived to tell about it.

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Bessie B. said...

Hello Constructive Feedback,

I can't remember how I stumbled across your blogs, but I am so glad that I did. I've been reading through your posts for hours. What you have to say is delightfully refreshing. Thanks for having the guts and integrity to take a stand for truth and common-sense in politics.

I'm glad that you were able to get through Dick's without any major trouble. You're right---you've really gotta watch your step amongst us white racist bigots down here in GA. (Oh, brother!)

Keep up the great blogging!
Bess B.