A Warning To The Ignorant

A Warning To The Ignorant

Saturday, May 9, 2009

How To Establish Valuation Among Certain People

In this society we have a constant debate over valuation. What wage should every worker be treated to? How should the education of our children be valued?

Here at the Parallel Hood have been pondering this question and I think we have come up with a few salient methods by which to extract this from the people's own behavior without contaminating the inspection with our own opinions.

Use Case #1

Announce on the nationally syndicated "Oprah Windfrey Show" that "Kentucky Fried Chicken" will be handing out free chicken dinners that are otherwise valued at $5.99 a plate.

Hand out the coupons to working class people of various hourly income rates - $7.25 (minimum wage - $15,080 per year), $10 per hour ($20,800 per year), $20 per hour ($41,600 per year), $30 per hour ($62,400 per year). $60 per hour ($125,000 per year) .

Hire some actors who will stand in line before the people in the test and have it timed where as the test subject will have to wait in line for 1 hour.

From this test we can determine the SELF REPORTED value of the person's own valuation.

Lower his salary accordingly if he chooses to spend their lunch hour waiting for the free plate of chicken rather than driving away because it is not worth their time.

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Conservative Black Woman said...

lol...you are hilarious. But you make and excellent point.