A Warning To The Ignorant

A Warning To The Ignorant

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Barack Obama Asks Muslims To Work With Him To Reduce The Consumption Of PORK Among The Muslim Population

President Barack Obama flew to Dubai to be the keynote speaker at the graduation of the "Islamic University In Dubai". The president figured that such a speech would serve to heal the strained relationship between America and the Islamic world via the actions of the Bush Administration.

The school's student population is 90% Muslim and thus large factions of the Muslim students and those in the religious order objected to having a "pork eater" being invited to speak at their commencement.

During his speech before the Islamic institution, President Obama stated his difference between his belief that people should have the right to eat pork if they choose and the more fundamentalist view held by the teachings of Islam which strictly forbid the consumption of pork.

President Obama sought out a middle ground on the issue.

"I acknowledge that my views on this critical issue about one's dietary choices is not popular among this crowd. I ask that you all make note of our common interests on the end game as we disagree on the methodology.

Thus I ask you to achieve a middle ground. Let us agree to offer only 'low fat pork products' to the masses. At least if they are going to eat pork we can allow them to reduce their fatty intake which builds up as plaque on their arteries.

I have asked my Food and Drug Administration to come up with a means by which they could assist the market at halving the number of Muslims who sneak and consume pork products in their meals by making it easier for the consumers of the food that is cooked by Muslim woman to be identified as pork rather than the "chicken" that they claim it is. Both are white meat and thus it is easy to fool those who don't have a discerning palate.

We need to join together to REDUCE the amount of pork consumption by Muslims rather than follow the intolerant conservatives that seek an outright ban on this practice.

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