A Warning To The Ignorant

A Warning To The Ignorant

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Barack Obama Asks Muslims To Work With Him To Reduce The Consumption Of PORK Among The Muslim Population

President Barack Obama flew to Dubai to be the keynote speaker at the graduation of the "Islamic University In Dubai". The president figured that such a speech would serve to heal the strained relationship between America and the Islamic world via the actions of the Bush Administration.

The school's student population is 90% Muslim and thus large factions of the Muslim students and those in the religious order objected to having a "pork eater" being invited to speak at their commencement.

During his speech before the Islamic institution, President Obama stated his difference between his belief that people should have the right to eat pork if they choose and the more fundamentalist view held by the teachings of Islam which strictly forbid the consumption of pork.

President Obama sought out a middle ground on the issue.

"I acknowledge that my views on this critical issue about one's dietary choices is not popular among this crowd. I ask that you all make note of our common interests on the end game as we disagree on the methodology.

Thus I ask you to achieve a middle ground. Let us agree to offer only 'low fat pork products' to the masses. At least if they are going to eat pork we can allow them to reduce their fatty intake which builds up as plaque on their arteries.

I have asked my Food and Drug Administration to come up with a means by which they could assist the market at halving the number of Muslims who sneak and consume pork products in their meals by making it easier for the consumers of the food that is cooked by Muslim woman to be identified as pork rather than the "chicken" that they claim it is. Both are white meat and thus it is easy to fool those who don't have a discerning palate.

We need to join together to REDUCE the amount of pork consumption by Muslims rather than follow the intolerant conservatives that seek an outright ban on this practice.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

American Liberals By Their Sexual Torture Gear From Pakistan

This one fell into my lap off of my Tivo. You cold not ask for better timing.

This fetish gear manufacturer in Pakistan makes banned products in this intolerant Muslim nation and send them mostly to liberal New Yorkers.

Though these Progressive Americans hate the use of whips and bondage upon "Islamic Extremist" detainees they seek to have AMERICANS locked up for "violating THEIR" principles.

Now we know the truth. The Anti-America American Progressives simply like to be VIOLATED!! They don't mind torture as long as it is done as part of an S&M sex act.

Spank Me Baby!!
Harder, Harder
I've been so naughty.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Crack Dealers After Obama


Black Cocaine User: "Yo man, what ya got for a hit? This economy got me stressed out."

Future Hip Hop Artist and Democratic Campaigner Drug Dealer: I got that Crack Rock that'll sing to ya to sleep, baby.

Black Cocaine User: Well you know I read a report from the pro-drug legalization activist group "Basement Research" which says that THERE IS NO DIFFERENCES BETWEEN THE ADDICTIVE PROPERTIES BETWEEN POWER AND COCAINE IN ITS CRYSTALLINE FORM. Why should I use crack?

Drug Dealer Really? When my up line receive the powder from the CIA he chooses to COOK IT into crack so that it is easier to distribute. He had the powder taped inside of the ventilation system of his stash house. The mice ate through the plastic and all of his stuff BLEW AWAY. CRACK is it man. That powder is too hard to handle. Didn't your mama ever whip your behind because you dropped a bag of flour on the kitchen floor? She didn't do it over no 99 cent bag of flour. She did it because that Sh__ is so hard to clean up!!!! Are you buying or not man? I sell most of my stuff in the White Suburbs where most of the people who use drugs live. They don't ask as many questions as you do man. Buy or move on. You know that they put most of the cops in the Black community.

Black Cocaine User: It seems that YOU and your gang have been caught up in the marketing messages from "New Jack City", "Colors" and rappers which tricked you into believing that the high from Crack is better than Powder. This was all done in the context of making a DISTINCTION between THE SAME PRODUCT so that RONALD REAGAN can lock up more Black people. First he cut the government jobs program from Jimmy Carter. Then he fired the Air Traffic controllers because they REFUSED to allow CIA drug planes from Colombia to come into US airspace without inspection. You are helping Reagan and the White Conservative Racists to lock Black people up!!! I am not willing to take the risk of this enhanced prosecution directed toward Black people. PLEASE GIVE ME POWDER!!!

Drug Dealer: Nah man. We don't carry powder!! Have you ever had a bunch of small plastic baggies in your pocket BURST OPEN after the gun and knife in your pocket rips them? All of the powder gets into your pocket? The powder gets mixed with all of the lint and crud in the crease of your pocket. You'll never be able to get the powder back to its pure White color with all that lint and sh__ in it. WE DON'T DO POWDER MAN!! CRACK we got. C.R.A.K.! You want it or not?

Black Cocaine User: Your telling me that YOU are comfortable with being a co-conspirator in the supply chain which is is assisting Black people to be sent into the Prison Industrial Complex so that various White conservative who own private prison can profit off of the backs of Black folks; destroy Black families as Black men practice higher rates of homosexual acts, and then upon getting exposed to higher rates of HIV and Hepatitis they get released and spread all of this INTO THE FEMALE POPULATION of Blacks? Don't you know that the baggie jeans hanging off of the young Black male's behinds comes from the prison culture? What is WRONG with you? You are a Black Conservative, aren't you?

Black Drug Dealer: Listen man. Whereas when corporations seek to cancel out the competition they consult with an investment banker to plot out a strategy for their acquisition. When I as a Drug Dealer seek to expand I SHOOT THE COMPETITION IN THE HEAD.......Do you really think that you can rationalize with me about the derivative impact of my co-conspiratoral actions with the Republicans to destroy the Black community?!?!?!?

I'm just glad that the Obama administration has equalized the penalties. Now instead of weighing out .49 grams of crack we can go up to 24.9 to avoid the 25 year bid. I can be like Costco and sell large packages, B!!!

Black Cocaine User: Alright man. Just give me the damned CRACK. I'll take my chances. In fact give me two. There is a chick who is coming over. She got educated under "Abstinence Only" sex education and I need to get with that tonight before the Obama Administration puts in the more EFFECTIVE government condom distribution program that's gonna replace Abstinence Only.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

How To Establish Valuation Among Certain People

In this society we have a constant debate over valuation. What wage should every worker be treated to? How should the education of our children be valued?

Here at the Parallel Hood have been pondering this question and I think we have come up with a few salient methods by which to extract this from the people's own behavior without contaminating the inspection with our own opinions.

Use Case #1

Announce on the nationally syndicated "Oprah Windfrey Show" that "Kentucky Fried Chicken" will be handing out free chicken dinners that are otherwise valued at $5.99 a plate.

Hand out the coupons to working class people of various hourly income rates - $7.25 (minimum wage - $15,080 per year), $10 per hour ($20,800 per year), $20 per hour ($41,600 per year), $30 per hour ($62,400 per year). $60 per hour ($125,000 per year) .

Hire some actors who will stand in line before the people in the test and have it timed where as the test subject will have to wait in line for 1 hour.

From this test we can determine the SELF REPORTED value of the person's own valuation.

Lower his salary accordingly if he chooses to spend their lunch hour waiting for the free plate of chicken rather than driving away because it is not worth their time.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Maxine Waters' Special Friend - Freeway Ricky Ross Released From Jail

Infamous Drug Kingpin Freeway Ricky Ross Released From Prison

On the two distinct episodes of BET's "American Gangster" where there was a Black US House of Representatives official shown - BOTH OF THEM either defended the 'gangsta" involved or redirected the blame for his drug dealing and resulting chaos upon the "Racist Conservatives" who, in effect, wanted to see the Black community destroyed.

Maybe Maxine Waters can hook Freeway Ricky Ross up with a job? I am sure that he is buffed right now. Maybe he can be her body guard.

Ricky Ross, who many believe was the man rapper Rick Ross took his name from, oversaw a Los Angeles based multi-state drug operation in the early 1980s, which earned upwards of $2 million per day during its peak.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Britian: White Gangs, Crack, Gun Violence, Pit Bulls

It is interesting to hear Black people in America inferiorize their fellow Blacks with the proclamation that 'Crack is a Black drug' despite being unable to point to a specific attribute contained in crack that is uniquely attractive to Black folks. It appears to me that crack is more easily transported and smoked than the powder form.

What a surprise for me to watch "European Journal" where the impoverished class in a particular city in Britain are caught up in many of the same challenges and vices that are attributed to some African Americans.