A Warning To The Ignorant

A Warning To The Ignorant

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Our Ancestors Were Not "Enslaved" For It Is Just All A Difference In The Timing Of Human Diginity Afforded To Tissue Masses

[quote]Isn't that the classic history of blacks in America from 1619-1999? What does hard work, industry or meritoracy have to do with the black experience in America?[/quote]

Scared Ron:

Per your views and the views of others on the "stem cell research" debate I am going to insist that you reframe this argument to be in line with your world view.

In the time interval that you are speaking of there was a group of people who instead of Africans should be referred to as:

"Masses of living tissue that were ALLOWED to gestate to a point where they were free from their host's/mother's nutritional jump start and thus develop into the form that we call "human". These beings had the pigment of their epidermis defined by their genes to produce higher levels of melanin and thus were called "Negro".

Ron - the other group of "masses of tissue in the human form" which had a genetically RECESSIVE melanin gene were IGNORANT of the TECHNOLOGY used to render a group of "tissue mass in the form and intelligence that we refer to as 'human' in their labs during these times". THUS they were forced to use their sailing ships that were made out of a different substance that was cellulose in composition - that we refer to as TREES - to go into the lands where the tissue masses in human form that had the dominant melanin gene in high concentrations due to the prescribed GENETIC EXCHANGE and REPRODUCTION process otherwise known as sex and mating.

Thus Scared Ron - you should have no claims against these "tissue masses in human form with the recessive melanin gene". Your only problem with them, logically, is that they HAD A DIFFERENT TIME INTERVAL for the DISRESPECT of "masses of tissue in human form with a dominant melanin gene"!!!!.

Where as today YOU seek to apply the attributes of "human" and "human dignity" to any "mass of living tissue in the form that which we call human" once they are free from the nutrition supplement of their gestational host......these other "masses living tissue in the form of human beings that have a recessive melanin gene" DIDN'T STOP THEIR DISRESPECT for this living tissue and USED THE TISSUE FOR ITS UTILITY IN LABOR.....just as YOU seek to use the tissue for your particular purposes.

Just imagine if these earlier tissue masses had access to a lab? They could have GROWN LABORERS for their own benefit and thus would not have troubled you so. It appears that it is TECHNOLOGY rather than MORALITY that can get you beyond this connundrum.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Drug Crazed People Will Still Be Getting Arrested After Anarco Capitalists Legalize Drugs

Certain abstract theorists focus more on how wonderful things will be if and when drugs are legalized.

They focus more on what the AUTHORITIES will no longer be doing rather than on what the CRACK HEADS will CONTINUE TO DO.