A Warning To The Ignorant

A Warning To The Ignorant

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Black Former Drug Dealers And Thugs Come Back And Apologize To Their Victims

The Set Up:
White Men Who Attacked Blacks At Lunch Counters Come Back And Apologize To Them For Their Past Treatment

Let me be clear - I think that this is a good thing on balance.

MY PROBLEM is that some Black people promote the ATTACKS DONE BY WHITE FOLKS as a greater assault BECAUSE THE ARE WHITE than the constant assaults upon Black folks today received from Black thugs and drug dealers.

Parallel Hood News Network
January 21, 2009

On the day after the United States saw its first Black president and the nation saw googobs of former White racists coming back to the lunch counters where 45 years ago they attacked Black people who simply wanted to get a ham sandwich and some Koolaide because they were tired - Rev Al Jackson of the Rainbow Action network called upon all Black Drug Thugs to go back to the communities that they destroyed and appologize to all of the Black people who they have killed, mugged, assaulted, raped or got strung out on drugs in pursuit of the all mighty dollar.

Rev Al Jackson said "At a time of tremendous change and good tidings in our nation it woudl be nothing short of 'White supremacist' to ask White thugs to apologize for their past assults upon Black people but fail to ask Black thugs who have taken up the slack upon their parture from our communities from doing the same thing."

Former dope dealer DeTyrone Jefferson petitioned the warden for a one day pass for release from the state penitentary so that he can go back and tell the family of LaTonya Turner that he is sorry for killing her because she failed to make due on $400 bill for Crack concaine that she owed him. He got tired of bartering sex for cash money. Since his own suppliers were pressuring him to make due on the cash that he owed them - Jefferson leaned on Turner. He killed her after she told him that her "p_ssy" is worth $200 per epidsode and that in fact HE OWES HER money. Warden Stephevenson has thus far denied the request.

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