A Warning To The Ignorant

A Warning To The Ignorant

Friday, December 12, 2008

"The Black Conservative Meanwhile is CLUELESS!!"

"The Black Conservative meanwhile is CLUELESS!!"

So said the Black Progressive Fundamentalist in regards to the Black Conservative's ability to understand what makes the Black community tick and what Black people ultimately wants in its leadership.

With this in mind - I have a new campaign to market to the Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chasers!!

Train A Black Conservative Political Operative On How To Work With The Black Community

That is right folks! After years of being marginalized by the Black Progressives that dominate our community. Spat upon at each turn. After seeing the BQPFRCs reach a state of organism any time one of their operatives mentions the words "Clarence Thomas", "Ward Connerly" or "Condi Rice" I, a self described "Black Conservative" am forced to yield to the prevailing masses.

I humbly ask that the Black Progressive-Fundamentalist community designate "trainers" from their band to help educate Black Conservatives on how to be more sensitive to the Black community and our delicate egos. Since both of us say that we are interested in developing our community then such an initiative should be no problem. In "Training a Black Conservative" to be more effective......you are TRAINING A BLACK MAN none the less.

One important ground rule - You are not permitted to attempt to CONVERT the Black Conservative to your Progressive ways. We are working at the level that is a bit higher than ideology. We are working at the "racial commonality" layer. That is assuming that RACE is a higher order matter than is ideology for you. Right?

Here is the general objectives for the program

  1. DIVERSITY - since "diversity" is critically important to most Black folks the initiation of ideological diversity within the Black community is a logical offshoot of the diversity attempts that are driven upon White folks
  2. COMPETITION FOR THE BLACK CONSCIOUSNESS - So frequently the Black Conservative is told by the "defenders of Blackness" that the Black community is theirs for the taking. They just need to stop talking with words echoed from "our enemies" when we talk to Black people. (Side note - the fact that Black Progressive Fundamentalist often obtain clippings directly from MoveOn.org, CommonDreams.org, The Huffington Post and DailyKOS should not be considered "sounding like White folks" because the White Liberal LUVs Black people. )
  3. SENSITIVITY TO BLACK PEOPLE - The Black Conservative needs to be converted. Where as currently the Black Progressive-Fundamentalist attacks the Black Conservative as a Sambo, Coon, Uncle Tom and Minstrel - at present only the Black Progressive Fundamentalist is allowed to actually ACT THE PART - with movies such as Soul Plane, the "DH Hugley Reads The News" on CNN and nearly everything that Mo'Nique does.

  4. TAPPING INTO THAT WHICH ATTRACTS BLACK FOLKS - Once again this is a sensitive subject. During the program the Black Conservative must come to accept that despite the fact that he is Black - he is not permitted to do some of the things that Black Progressive-Fundamentalists do to appeal to Black people. Where as they make heavy use of such tactics to appeal to Black folks - when a Conservative comments upon their use - they are said to be "playing on stereotypes". So for example - while I read a newspaper article about the low turn out rates to PTA meetings in Kansas City MO last week DESPITE the fact that they serve food so that Black parents might come.....the Black Conservative must know that having fried chicken, potato salad and greens with ham hocks is not permissible at the political rallies that he has for Black folks.
Since the Black Progressive-Fundamentalist is interested in showing that his ideology is superior to all others in regards to helping Black folks - he should not have any problems in teaching another Black person his tricks of the trade.

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