A Warning To The Ignorant

A Warning To The Ignorant

Sunday, November 9, 2008

The KKK As Black Thugs - In A Parallel Universe

After having recently rented and purchased several DVDs that featured the most famous Black Gangsters and Drug Dealers I am motivated to use the magic of a parallel universe to rewrite history in regards to the following:


If we distill the essence of the White Supremacists who attacked us in the past it was their will to:

1) Kill Black people
2) Terrorize Black people where they attack one and teach the masses a lesson
3) Use witness intimidation to obtain the desired legal outcomes
4) Suppress the access of Black people to quality education so that we'll stay in our place
5) Destroy businesses in our community

Which of these elements cannot be found within the actions of the Black Thugs Of Today?

The young Klan boys of the past were White trash for the most part. They were socially and economically marginalized by the elite White powers with position. The Klan thugs worked to suppress Black people so that they would not grow to be competition for the unskilled White worker who could not bear the wage competition. White Blacks stratified at the lowest levels of society - a cheap labor force was assured.

As progressives we should not judge the antics of a people. Instead we need to consider the outside forces which have cast their pressure upon a people and caused them to act within a manner that was against the law and which have injured people.

Let not the "grasshoppers fight while the crows up above fill their bellies"? The grasshoppers on the ground should instead unite and insure that the crows have their wings clipped and that they walk with us.

This is no time to enforce a set of rules of behavior upon a faction as a precondition for their alignment with our movement!! We must convince them that they are equally as poor and are being exploited. Let us put aside our differences and fight together.

Despite the fact that the Klan members have killed us, intimidated us, terrorized us and denied us our education - we must ignore their continuing attacks against us and value them for their potential worth.

Why should we accept the imprisonment of these Klan members when they act upon us? Instead we need to see that by imprisoning them we are actually creating the vicious cycle. They are fighting against us because their economic foundations are threatened. Once we seek to imprison them for attacking us we are only insuring that their wives and children remain without their primary income earner. In turn our attempts at prosecuting them ironically add to their angst. Let us stop prosecuting them and send them home!!


Kofi Bofah said...

You lost me with this one, buddy...

Constructive Feedback said...

Not much to it.
Black people feared the Klan because of specific threats that they imposed upon us.

Today we are being assaulted in the same way by the "Drug Thugs".

The key difference is that some of the same people who aggressively fought the Klan, an OUTSIDE threat, are tacitly defending the "cancerous termites" of today.

Thus the purpose of this "Parallel Universe" entry was to make note of what might have happened IF the defenders of the Klan from yesteryear made note that these White Trash attackers of Black people were simply economically marginalized White people who acted out their frustrations AGAINST BLACK PEOPLE.....just like the "Drug Thugs" are doing today.

Got it?