A Warning To The Ignorant

A Warning To The Ignorant

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Hurricane Bush Causes An Increase In Divorces Among Victims In New Orleans

Divorce stalks Katrina survivors

It has been three years since Hurricane Katrina killed more than 1,800 people, scouring Mississippi beach towns down to bare sand and rupturing the protective levees around New Orleans, Louisiana.

Eight feet of floodwater left Murray's home in Slidell, Louisiana, uninhabitable. He's been working on the house, but he and his wife and three children have been living in a FEMA trailer.

Murray also lost his job. He recently suffered a heart attack, brought on in part by stress, according to doctors. But what's really agonizing for him is that his wife of 16 years says she is considering a divorce.

Murray blames the hurricane for troubles in his marriage, saying, "Her and I never argued, never fought, never nothing until this hurricane, until we got cramped in that FEMA trailer."

His wife, Iris, wouldn't talk on camera but did say, "Everything is unstable. The kids aren't being raised right because they don't have the proper space."

Murray says it's not for lack of his effort, but his limited finances have kept the family stuck in the trailer while he tries to renovate the house.

"I have busted my butt over the past few months just to get this side of the house functioning," Murray said. "I have done everything I can to try to keep my family together, then I had a heart attack -- what, a year ago -- inside the FEMA trailer."

Murray says the couple has tried counseling and turned to their church, but the reality is that he could lose everything.

"A lot of people that we grew up with, that I know, have split up, divorced or went on their way because of this hurricane," Murray said.

That Bush is a son of a gun. Any people he did not successfully destroy with the levees - he is getting them after the fact by destroying their marriages.

How can on man be so evil?

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