A Warning To The Ignorant

A Warning To The Ignorant

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Hurricane Bush Causes An Increase In Divorces Among Victims In New Orleans

Divorce stalks Katrina survivors

It has been three years since Hurricane Katrina killed more than 1,800 people, scouring Mississippi beach towns down to bare sand and rupturing the protective levees around New Orleans, Louisiana.

Eight feet of floodwater left Murray's home in Slidell, Louisiana, uninhabitable. He's been working on the house, but he and his wife and three children have been living in a FEMA trailer.

Murray also lost his job. He recently suffered a heart attack, brought on in part by stress, according to doctors. But what's really agonizing for him is that his wife of 16 years says she is considering a divorce.

Murray blames the hurricane for troubles in his marriage, saying, "Her and I never argued, never fought, never nothing until this hurricane, until we got cramped in that FEMA trailer."

His wife, Iris, wouldn't talk on camera but did say, "Everything is unstable. The kids aren't being raised right because they don't have the proper space."

Murray says it's not for lack of his effort, but his limited finances have kept the family stuck in the trailer while he tries to renovate the house.

"I have busted my butt over the past few months just to get this side of the house functioning," Murray said. "I have done everything I can to try to keep my family together, then I had a heart attack -- what, a year ago -- inside the FEMA trailer."

Murray says the couple has tried counseling and turned to their church, but the reality is that he could lose everything.

"A lot of people that we grew up with, that I know, have split up, divorced or went on their way because of this hurricane," Murray said.

That Bush is a son of a gun. Any people he did not successfully destroy with the levees - he is getting them after the fact by destroying their marriages.

How can on man be so evil?

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Victim's Journal #1 - The People Mover At The Atlanta Airport - A Metaphore For White Supremacy!

This story is a metaphor for "White Supremacy" and how the White man has benefited from stuctural advantages applied to him as compared to Black folks.

I had an early morning flight at the Hartsfield-JACKSON Atlanta International Airport (if you leave off the "Jackson" in the airport's name you are usually subject to attack by Black folks.  By the way - in Washington DC - these same people who will attack you for calling the Atlatna airport out of name don't call "Reagan National Airport by its offical name.  Funny how that works, isn't it? ).  

As I was walking in the "passenger mall", the corridor down below which links the concourses together I noticed how access to certain re

souces provided different results in the short run.

Namely the "People Mover" system - the escalator which is laid out flat provided an advantage to a White man who had been walking next to me.   

I typically walk to my concourse rather than ride the train because it provides me with the exercise that I usually don't get while traveling and being in a rush all of the time.  I noticed that when this White man got on the people mover and continued to walk at the same pace - he was able to put great distance between himself and me with the benefit of the "society that was stacked in his favor".  As hard as I attempted to keep up with him - as my prior training in calculus taught me - with each interval of time - his total rate of forward movement was greater than mine because he was on a moving surface while I was on a relatively stationary surface.  (Well that is unless you are a scientist and consider that the Earth itself is constantly moving. )  Boy that relativity is something to behold.

By the time I got my camera phone out and powered on this is how far the White man got in front of me with his "system aided" performance:

I thought about all of the Black people who had been denied access to the "people mover system" over time and thus they had to be "Twice as good" as the White man because their ground was moving with them.

This is a picture of a SECOND WHITE MAN who was once behind me and he too, witht he benefit of the SYSTEM working in his favor was able to pass me by though I was walking as fast as I can.....as a Black man:

Another shot of the great distance that the White man had accumulated while I was forced to walk on stationary ground:

Then something happened. 'DESEGREGATION'!!!!

I too, a Black man, was allowed to ride on the People Mover System! Just like the White man! Notice by the railings that I am ON the moving side walk rather than beside it. Notice the ground that I had gained on the White man. Each people mover system has about 100 feet of stationary ground between them as you go between concourses. I used this "equal time" to make up ground on the White man:

From both my EXTRA EFFORT and the fact that I had access to the same accellerator as the White Man - I was able to over take his lead and I beat him to Concourse D (he is behind me and my camera view. I was not about to turn my camera back upon him and take his picture.) :

Lessons learned - it takes BOTH Desegreation, Legal Recourse AND THE WILL FOR BLACK FOLKS TO ADVANCE BY DOING WHAT IT TAKES in order for the full benefit of managed anti-racism policies to be expressed.

Had I just jumped on the People Mover and allowed it to carry me forward The White man STILL would have been far ahead of me. I had my goal on ARRIVING AT CONCOURSE D rather than the past discrimation that I faced by being barred from the people mover system. Thus I ARRIVED THERE SUCCESSFULLY AND I ARRIVED THERE BEFORE THE WHITE MAN.

Lessons learned: You can only use YOUR PRESENT to determine your FUTURE.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Riling Up The Masses

A community activist stands before a crowd of Black folks as he latches on to their anger:

"Brothers and sisters - I know that I share your sentiments as I stand before you today! I am sick and tired of being sick and tired. We need to DO SOMETHING about this treat to our community."

AUDIENCE: "Hey! You tell 'em. We ain't gonna take this any longer!"

ACTIVIST: "These men think that they can ride in their cars through our community, lights flashing all about and they can get out and have their way with us. Intimidating us. Assaulting and beating us. Killing us for no good reason. Who do they think they are?"

AUDIENCE - "We are tired of being disrespected, harassed and trampled upon"

ACTIVIST: "They wear certain uniforms. They are more loyal to their own kind than they are to the people. They will cover for each other when one does something foul to us. They have no problem pulling out their guns to intimidate us. Friends - I must tell you - THIS MUST STOP!!!"

AUDIENCE - "That thin blue line has crossed too far"

ACTIVIST: "We must demand that the people they are accountable to keep them in line. They are in need of RETRAINING and a more thorough review of their own actions. They need to be held accountable. I want you to join with me to insure that every new crop of these people who come about in our community from their 'graduating class' be trained in civility, the laws of the community and most importantly RESPECT for our people. If they can't respect our people - why are they among us?"

AUDIENCE - (Raging Applause) "Brother you have perfectly captured our frustrations in this community. I could not have said it better myself. You gave a clear action plan. So tell us - where do you suggest we protest against the POLICE? At the city hall? Police headquarters or at the police academy?

ACTIVIST - "POLICE? That was not a speech about the POLICE! I was talking about the KILLER THUG KNEEGROWS who are terrorizing our communities!!! How did you figure I was talking about the police?"

AUDIENCE - "But you said - 'threat to our community'

ACTIVIST _ "YES. These Thug Kneegrows are the biggest threat!"

AUDIENCE - "You said they ride around with flashing lights".

ACTIVIST - "Yes - you are prone to see them 'riding on 24's' with lights flashing in the back window or from underneath their ride. "

AUDIENCE - "What about the uniforms and their loyalties that you spoke about?"

ACTIVIST - "Indeed. They all wear the same uniforms more or less - sagging jeans, athletic jersey, cap and jewelry. They ENFORCE LOYALTY as their stop snitching enforcement insures that they get away with their criminal acts. It is the community who loses.

"So I have your support in promoting an organized effort against the Criminal Thugs in our communities, right?"

AUDIENCE - "Man you have lost your mind. These are our children. Why should we be responsible for locking more of them up? Besides that - these Kneegrows are carrying GUNS man. Don't you know that you are gonna get yourself KILT?

At least when we protest outside of city hall - the news media will show up and force the system to change.

WHERE DO WE protest against the thugs besides at our own houses?"