A Warning To The Ignorant

A Warning To The Ignorant

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Best Way To Get Black Folks In Crenshaw To Stop Eating Fast Food

Greater than that is that this is yet another example of the DISCONNECTION between the NEEDS OF THE BLACK COMMUNITY and the willingness for BLACK INVESTORS to step up and supply this need.

Let me back up and more clearly structure this. (Here is the ANALYSIS that Steve has been demanding. Its just that he doesn't often like the painful assessment) :

The PROBLEM: Black people in Democrat Maxine Waters' district are some of the most obese people around due to bad dietary choices.

Consequences: This leads to health ailments, early death and the need for acute medical services.

Sadly it is NOT the people themselves but instead EXTERNAL emissaries who are working on their behalf.

Potential Strategy A:
Have a community member risk his own money by setting up a natural foods restaurant as HE attempts to provide access to the healthy and wholesome foods that his people need to be healthy. Sadly I have seen many Black business owners go bankrupt by attempting to apply THEIR OWN values upon the community. (as well as book stores and coffee shops)

Potential Strategy B:
Have the GOVERNMENT step in and put a moratorium on the food outlets that THEY deem as unhealthy. Their claim is that such a freeze will allow alternatives to "get a foothold" - as one lady said on the news this morning. Likely no "whole foods" company is going to risk their capital on such a venture. Unprocessed foods have a shorter shelf life and thus they need high inventory turn over to make a profit. Their food is likely more expensive in the first place.

Potential Strategy C - The One That WORKS EVERY TIME within the Black community:

Launch a full frontal marketing attack. Make the case that McDonald, Wendy's, Burger King and Arbys IS TRYING TO KILL BLACK PEOPLE by making them OBESE and prone to early death as a result!

Have a press conference featuring Maxine Waters and the other new rep Richardson (?) tie it all together and also school Richardson on how it is done.

Waters' speech: "Isn't it strange that the SAME community that the CIA has dumped its CRACK within.....the SAME community in which the HIV virus has been allowed to incubate within...the SAME community who's hospital, King-Drew, has been starved for resources...now has been TARGETED by greedy corporations targeting Black and Brown people for early termination?

We've slowed the purchase of HANDGUNS used to kill our children so now they want to use a "Big Mac with a supersized fries" to do the same thing. Why am I not surprised? People I have been warning you about this for DECADES. Do you still doubt me? I don't hear you? Do you still doubt me on anything I tell you?

You know that there is only one force that is behind all of this people. THE REPUBLICANS!!! Ewwwww I can't stand them!!! First they try to tell us that catchup is a vegetable. Now they want to load up our fast food with mayonnaise so that we'll get high cholesterol. When you do catch a heart attack - there is no more hospital around that will take you in.

You go crazy and there they are with the CRACK to allow you to ease your mind for just a minute.

People don't you see the vicious cycle that the republicans have set up for us? They are always behind you, under every rock!! Waiting for you to slip up so they can snatch the rug right from under you and you fall on your face.

I need you to do me a favor. Everytime you pick up a Big Mac, a Whopper, A Double with Cheese and Everything or A Roast beef sandwich with horsey sauce - I want you to take a look at the "Republican Party" seal that has been stamped on the bun and then THROW IT AWAY!! Don't let them KILL YOU.

I need all of you around to allow me to KEEP FIGHTING FOR YOU. You can't vote for me IF YOU ARE DEAD. (Or at least I haven't figured out how to game the Diebold voting equipment to do that. That damned photo voter ID requirement that the GOP has implemented is cutting into ability to fight off Latino competitors in this majority Latino district of mine).

Remember "Don't Eat The Whopper....Stay alive to be a Republican STOPPER!!"

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