A Warning To The Ignorant

A Warning To The Ignorant

Sunday, June 29, 2008

A Clayton County GA Resident For Obama

(The setup of the scene:
At the "Super H-Mart in Riverdale, GA in Clayton County. An Obama supporter is outside selling "Obama For President, Change We Can Believe In" t-shirts.

This is a bit folks so work with me. I am compiling a series of real life elements that are in place within this particular county in order to gain understanding of it all.

Obama Supporter: The next president of the United States. Barack Obama! Support this brother by wearing a t-shirt. Change we can believe in.

Constructive Feedback: You are giving these t-shirts away right?

Obama Supporter: Does it look like I am giving them out? (this part of the story is true)

Constructive Feedback: Man that was not very friendly of you. I thought that we are engaging in a 'Different type of politics'.

You are advertising the notion that with Barack Obama as president the nation, this state and Clayton County is going to receive some particular benefit. Isn't it in your interest to give away this advertisement so that I can market the message for you via the shirt?

Obama Supporter: Oh I get it. You must be one of those negroes who are supporting John McCain. I got it. Not interested brother. Go and Tom somewhere else. I'm not having it here. This country needs to CHANGE. The Republicans screwed it all up.

Constructive Feedback: Brother - I drive up and down Georgia Highway 85 each and every day. I've noticed that 100% of the signs in Clayton County are for DEMOCRATS. You county has 100% Democrats elected in positions today and you are on the verge of losing the accreditation for your schools. Your crime rates are up and your property values are down from people cutting their losses and departing.

Obama Supporter: You are on the 'Wrong side of history'. Here we have a chance to elect the first Black man as president and you are trying to throw a wrench into my efforts to help the brother win. What is wrong with you?

Constructive Feedback: You know brother I notice that where as Obama's message is about "Change" for the entire country here in Clayton County Georgia when a local Democrat has "change" on his or her billboard they are talking about CHANGING from the crash course that some other Democrat had lead the county on.

Obama Supporter: Come on with that man. You know that we Black folks have only been running this county outright for about 4 years prior to this the White folks were running it. It takes time for things to fall into place. Look man. Are you going to buy my t-shirts or what? I have other people who are willing to support Obama for President. They haven't lost their consciousness as you have.

Constructive Feedback: So you do see that there is a difference in the context of the "change" between national and local. When Black folks see a Republican having 'screwed' up they are quick to seek to run him out and put the closest Democrat in office. Plainly when a whole flock of Democrats locally have screwed up the entire county after you all voted them in - you only seek to PUT NEW DEMOCRATS IN to replace them. Do you see how this works? And by the way the "White folks" that these current Democrats have replaced were Democrats as well. That same "Good ole boy network" that you all complained about were White Democrats.

Obama Supporter: So tell me - had we voted the Republicans in office they would have fixed everything up in the County? Please tell me why Black folks should vote for Republicans? What have they ever done for Black folks?

Constructive Feedback: First of all I am not a Republican so you will need to drive about 10 miles down the street into Fayette County and you can talk to them at their county headquarters office which is in plain sight there.

Do you find it a bit perverted that in the midst of having 100% Democrats running your county and having several critical problems that threaten your basic way of life in front of you that you demand that I tell you WHY Black folks should vote for Democrats? Shouldn't you be trying to figure out WHAT YOU ARE GETTING FROM DOING WHAT YOU CONTINUE TO DO? Certainly you can't claim that you are "Working in the interests of the Black community" there is more evidence to confound that claim than you could bring up to justify it.

Obama Supporter: Look man. The economy is in the tank. The gas prices are out of sight. We were lied into a war. Regardless of what you say this is the bottom line. The Republicans failed and they need to go.

Constructive Feedback: My only wish is that you would one day take a dispassionate look upon all of your politics and use this same line of reasoning for when someone "fails you". As I read it with the assumption that education, safe streets and local economic development are the key issues impacting Black people the fact is that in the areas with the largest concentration of Black people it is local Democrats who are failing to deliver upon these things the most and thus are harming Black folks the most with their failed policies.

Obama Supporter: Look man. I am going. I am working on my own economy. I am selling t-shirts trying to link into a time when people are highly motivated to make a purchasing decision. See you after the election, sucker.

Constructive Feedback: Do you think that you are hurting or insulting me? I just want you to ask yourself when Black America will receive the benefit from the Obama presidency? In November on election night if he is victorious? In January when he is inaugurated? Or come January 2013 after 4 years of his presidency when you can pull up the numbers that substantiate your claim?

For some reason I believe that if the current 5.5% unemployment rate is at 7.9% after 4 years of "Obama Change" that you would STILL have the fever for change, blaming the companies who failed to hire American workers for seeking to thwart the "Audacity of Hope".

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