A Warning To The Ignorant

A Warning To The Ignorant

Sunday, April 6, 2008

An "Inconvenient Change" For Me!!! Acceptance of Global Warming and Evolution!

“An Inconvenient Truth” And Evolution

I recently watched Al Gore's “An Inconvenient Truth” for the first time. After seeing this documented truth about the destruction that is happening to the Earth and how the conservative operatives have allowed their ideology to trump SCIENCE I now realize that I must change my ways.

No longer will I allow my conservative antics to trump what science has told us is the case. “Global Warming” Is Real!!!! I have allowed my conservative bias to make me turn a blind eye to the truth. For me it was the sight of drowned polar bears in the dethawing artic ocean that did it for me.

I addition to my acceptance of “Global Warming” however, is my acceptance of EVOLUTION! The polar bears who are drowning today are simply inferior creatures who have failed to adapt! These current crop of polar bears will die out. In a few hundred thousand years, however, there will appear a new species of bears that have evolved from the current polar bear. Since these creatures will be more warm weather and aquatically oriented I image that this edition of the polar bear will have gills to be able to swim long stretches in the open ocean which has now defrosted and that heavy white coat will be gone as the once cold Arctic will be a sunny paradise similar to the environment in the Caribbean.

Recall that there is no room for SELECTIVE UNDERSTANDING in science. We must accept all that has been proven in scientific fact. Thus “Global Warming” and “Evolution” must be taken together. Since the Ice Ages are a proven cycle within the Earth's multi-million year lifecycle it is clear that the body of living beings have survived before, adapting where necessary to live within the changing climate. I have confidence in the science that we are asked to have faith in that we will survive once again.

In fact all of the animals who are dying in parched Earth of today are simply inferior species who were not equipped to adapt to the changes in climate – just as the dinosaurs were not equipped. We should follow the natural course that nature guides us toward and wait for Evolution to kick in and allow the fittest among us to survive. Who are we to tamper with the natural order of things?

Forget the Christian notions of Creationism and the protection of “God's planet”! We need to have confidence in the natural adaption of all living beings. Just as we all evolved from simple bacteria to the creatures we are today – IT WILL HAPPEN AGAIN!!

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