A Warning To The Ignorant

A Warning To The Ignorant

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

A Black Nationalist and Black Communist Confront LIFE

This blog is supposed to be a satirical journal out of my own creativity. Unfortunately I am witnessing a situation that is so funny that none of you would believe it if I crafted it out of comedic intentions.

I have a friend of mine who is a Black Nationalist. He is pro-Reparations. He can tell everyone great details about Slavery, racism, oppression and systematic exploitation of capitalism. He is in search of a job and for housing because he is at the end of his rope regarding finding a dream job that doesn't represent a "start over" in his career path.

Every time I see this brother he has a new woman and a new job - having been cut loose by both seemingly every 6 months. He is an otherwise good brother - but clearly he wears out his welcome both personally and career wise to anyone who dares to take him in.

After a being put out of one friend's house following a 8 month stay on his couch it seems that he is being put out from the current living space because, supposedly, this person has to take in her friend that has 3 children of her own who is leaving her husband in an abusive relationship and must pack it in with this current location where he is staying.

OK, OK - I was warned that I would be receiving a call from him seeking a place to stay. My policy, however, is that no male that is older than my daughter or son will ever stay at my house as I must do everything to protect them. I don't care how good I think I know this person. I cannot afford to leave my children unattended and unprotected in this situation.

So what do I do???

I got it!!!
I will call a second friend of mine. You see he has a second house that is currently unoccupied despite having all of the utilities still turned on. You see his family moved into a new house a year ago. Their old house is unoccupied. He plans to turn this into an elderly care home but for now IT IS VACANT.

Wait - that's not all.
This same fried is a fan of FIDEL CASTRO. (I am not making this up). While driving about 5 months ago to get a beer he told me "I AM A COMMUNIST. I don't feel this CAPITALISM SH_T. This is what has us killing each other and having no knowledge of ourselves". With this as a reference - I knew that he would HELP A BROTHER OUT!

I recall seeing a documentary of Cuba and Fidel Castro. After the Revolution that never ends and can't be criticized the Cuban government took many MANSIONS that used to be residences for only ONE PERSON and reformatted the building to house up to 27 families in the case of one specific compound. With this in mind I just knew that my self described Communist friend would have no problem helping a brother out.


This Communist told me - He can't do anything for this man. He has heard it all before "I only need to stay here for a month. One months turns into 6 months and all the while I have holes in my wall and my utilities are run up. I CAN'T DO ANYTHING FOR HIM MAN".

I thought that he was playing. I figured that we could talk about another subject and then hit upon the main request. We talked about how everything was going with me, the wife, the kids. We talked about hanging out again. I checked one final time, reminding him about his "communist" statement. He repeated his statement - "I can't do nothing for the man".

So the house stands EMPTY, perfectly ready for human habitation. The Communist has failed to live up to his social obligations as such.

The Black Nationalist is now in need of a CAPITALIST to come around for him. He is looking for the big score in a job and is not about to do menial labor. I can respect this in principle ......8 months ago. Now with NO MONEY IN YOUR POCKET and about to be put out onto the streets - you had better get some type of job that will tide you over for a hot minute. There ain't a Nubian spiritual chant that can be drawn up to get brotherman past this reality.

Again all of this would indeed be funny if it were not true.

Those who are abstract will one day have to face reality.

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