A Warning To The Ignorant

A Warning To The Ignorant

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Quasi-Socialists Take Over The USA - Promise Radial, Progressive Changes

It is official folks. All tiers of government in the United States have been taken over by the quasi-socialists. They now plan to implement their "income sharing" initiatives that they have long sought after.

From here on out there will be a minimum wage of $50 per hour. This will truly be a "Living Wage". The lowest of the low workers will now get their just due. They will be paid $104,000 per year and will move solidly into the upper middle class with this legislation. Their income scarcity problems will soon be gone.

The second major piece of legislation that has been enacted by the "Quasi-Socialists" is the PROGRESSIVE tax system. From here on out the flat rate marginal tax will be 80% on all salaries. This money is needed to pay for all of the enhanced government services that will be introduced as a show of human decency that has taken over this country. Thus a person making $104,000 will actually get to take home $20,800 in net pay. The near $80,000 in taxes are needed to be taken from the citizen in order to pay for all of the goods and services that they will now be provided.

Thus it goes to show you - Salary total is IRRELEVANT.
We now need to figure out how the make this dollar who's purchasing power has been eroded by such a move - relevant again.


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