A Warning To The Ignorant

A Warning To The Ignorant

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

DC Delegate Elanore Homes Norton - First Government Needles - Now The "Immates Close To Home" Program

D.C. Youths Are Jailed Across the U.S., Making Family Connections Difficult

"Why are they in North Dakota?" said Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-D.C.), who plans to push for city teens to be brought closer to home. "It's a trip to the end of the earth."

What a great day when we can have Delegate Elanore Holmes Norton as the first Senator from the new state of Washington DC?  :-/

After fighting the "conservatives" to obtain clean needles from the Federal government she will go after "Distant Prisoners".

No she will not suggest to them that if they were to stop breaking the law - they would actually be close to their families.  Nope - she will work vigeriously to insure that the Penal System never is allowed to send DC prisoners such great distances.

You know how distance can destroy families and all.

Prisoners everywhere look forward to receiving letters and visitors from home. But for more than 6,500 District inmates, these visits are few and far between, because most of them are scattered in more than 70 federal prisons across the country, wherever the Bureau of Prisons can find space.

It has been that way since 1997, when Congress transferred authority over District felons to the bureau and shut down Lorton Correctional Complex in Fairfax County, which was close to home but considered crowded and violent.

The 15 people who traveled here last weekend might never have come if it were not for the Campaign for Youth Justice, which paid $15,000 for their airfare, shuttles and hotels. The trip highlights what the group sees as the folly of sending youths with relatively short sentences far from home to places that do not understand them.

"The farther away someone is, the less likely their family will ever be able to see them and be involved in their lives," said Liz Ryan, executive director of the group, which has lobbied for 18 years to stop minors from being treated as adults in the justice system. "That family tie is something that should not be broken. We're straining it by sending juveniles 1,500 miles away. These are nameless, faceless children to decision makers in Washington."

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Indian Giver Bush Revokes The Pardon Of An "Ethnic Man"

Bush didn't want the "pay for play" via the donations to the GOP to be the next "Marc Ritch" scandal.

WASHINGTON — The pardons President George W. Bush granted this week couldn't have been better Christmas gifts if Santa himself had delivered them.

But a Brooklyn, N.Y., man, Isaac Robert Toussie, received the legal equivalent of a lump of coal.

Toussie, convicted of making false statements to the Housing and Urban Development Department and of mail fraud, was among 19 people pardoned Tuesday.

But after learning in news reports that Toussie's father had donated tens of thousands of dollars to the Republican Party a few months ago, as well as other information, the White House issued an extraordinary statement Wednesday saying the president was reversing his decision on Toussie's case.

White House press secretary Dana Perino said the decision to revoke the pardon — a step unheard of in recent memory — was "based on information that has subsequently come to light," including the extent and nature of Toussie's prior criminal offenses. She also said neither the White House counsel's office nor the president had been aware of a political contribution by Toussie's father that "might create an appearance of impropriety."

"Given that, this was the prudent thing to do," she said.

The new information came to the White House's attention from news reports, Perino said.

A story in the New York Daily News said Toussie's father, Robert, donated $28,500 to the national Republican Party in April — just months before Toussie's pardon petition.

The counsel's office generally doesn't include vetting of political contributions in its reviews on such matters, as that would be "highly inappropriate on many levels," she said. The White House decision on Toussie had come without a recommendation from the pardon attorney, Ronald L. Rodgers, as Toussie's request for a pardon came less than five years after completion of his sentence, so that eliminated another step in the review process.

The Daily News story on Wednesday, and others in Newsday and on blogs, shed light on Toussie's record. He pleaded guilty for lying to HUD and mail fraud, admitting that he falsified finances of prospective homebuyers seeking HUD mortgages. He was sentenced to five months in prison and five months' house arrest, a $10,000 fine and no restitution, the Daily News reported.

In another case, Toussie pleaded guilty to having a friend send his local county a letter that falsely inflated property values.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

BET Blogs - All The News That Is Fit To Print

Black Anchor Reportedly Axed After Saying The N-word

Veteran anchor Michael Scott got the boot from WAAY-TV in Huntsville, Ala. Scott reportedly got into an argument with one of his co-workers and called him a n**ger. Details of the exchange can be found on NewsBlues.com, a Web site for TV news professionals. Tipsters at Calkins-owned Huntsville station say primary news anchor Michael Scott was suspended after openly berating news producer Jabaree Pruitt. According to those who witnessed the incident, Scott, during a commercial break in the 10 p.m. newscast, referred to Pruitt as a Negro. When Pruitt ask him not to use that word, Scott called him a ‘nigger.’ Both men are Black. While a station official confirmed to The Huntsville Times that Scott was no longer with the station, he did not elaborate on the circumstances surrounding his departure. Instead, he would only say that a nationwide search would be conducted to find his replacement.

Friday, December 12, 2008

"The Black Conservative Meanwhile is CLUELESS!!"

"The Black Conservative meanwhile is CLUELESS!!"

So said the Black Progressive Fundamentalist in regards to the Black Conservative's ability to understand what makes the Black community tick and what Black people ultimately wants in its leadership.

With this in mind - I have a new campaign to market to the Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chasers!!

Train A Black Conservative Political Operative On How To Work With The Black Community

That is right folks! After years of being marginalized by the Black Progressives that dominate our community. Spat upon at each turn. After seeing the BQPFRCs reach a state of organism any time one of their operatives mentions the words "Clarence Thomas", "Ward Connerly" or "Condi Rice" I, a self described "Black Conservative" am forced to yield to the prevailing masses.

I humbly ask that the Black Progressive-Fundamentalist community designate "trainers" from their band to help educate Black Conservatives on how to be more sensitive to the Black community and our delicate egos. Since both of us say that we are interested in developing our community then such an initiative should be no problem. In "Training a Black Conservative" to be more effective......you are TRAINING A BLACK MAN none the less.

One important ground rule - You are not permitted to attempt to CONVERT the Black Conservative to your Progressive ways. We are working at the level that is a bit higher than ideology. We are working at the "racial commonality" layer. That is assuming that RACE is a higher order matter than is ideology for you. Right?

Here is the general objectives for the program

  1. DIVERSITY - since "diversity" is critically important to most Black folks the initiation of ideological diversity within the Black community is a logical offshoot of the diversity attempts that are driven upon White folks
  2. COMPETITION FOR THE BLACK CONSCIOUSNESS - So frequently the Black Conservative is told by the "defenders of Blackness" that the Black community is theirs for the taking. They just need to stop talking with words echoed from "our enemies" when we talk to Black people. (Side note - the fact that Black Progressive Fundamentalist often obtain clippings directly from MoveOn.org, CommonDreams.org, The Huffington Post and DailyKOS should not be considered "sounding like White folks" because the White Liberal LUVs Black people. )
  3. SENSITIVITY TO BLACK PEOPLE - The Black Conservative needs to be converted. Where as currently the Black Progressive-Fundamentalist attacks the Black Conservative as a Sambo, Coon, Uncle Tom and Minstrel - at present only the Black Progressive Fundamentalist is allowed to actually ACT THE PART - with movies such as Soul Plane, the "DH Hugley Reads The News" on CNN and nearly everything that Mo'Nique does.

  4. TAPPING INTO THAT WHICH ATTRACTS BLACK FOLKS - Once again this is a sensitive subject. During the program the Black Conservative must come to accept that despite the fact that he is Black - he is not permitted to do some of the things that Black Progressive-Fundamentalists do to appeal to Black people. Where as they make heavy use of such tactics to appeal to Black folks - when a Conservative comments upon their use - they are said to be "playing on stereotypes". So for example - while I read a newspaper article about the low turn out rates to PTA meetings in Kansas City MO last week DESPITE the fact that they serve food so that Black parents might come.....the Black Conservative must know that having fried chicken, potato salad and greens with ham hocks is not permissible at the political rallies that he has for Black folks.
Since the Black Progressive-Fundamentalist is interested in showing that his ideology is superior to all others in regards to helping Black folks - he should not have any problems in teaching another Black person his tricks of the trade.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

The KKK As Black Thugs - In A Parallel Universe

After having recently rented and purchased several DVDs that featured the most famous Black Gangsters and Drug Dealers I am motivated to use the magic of a parallel universe to rewrite history in regards to the following:


If we distill the essence of the White Supremacists who attacked us in the past it was their will to:

1) Kill Black people
2) Terrorize Black people where they attack one and teach the masses a lesson
3) Use witness intimidation to obtain the desired legal outcomes
4) Suppress the access of Black people to quality education so that we'll stay in our place
5) Destroy businesses in our community

Which of these elements cannot be found within the actions of the Black Thugs Of Today?

The young Klan boys of the past were White trash for the most part. They were socially and economically marginalized by the elite White powers with position. The Klan thugs worked to suppress Black people so that they would not grow to be competition for the unskilled White worker who could not bear the wage competition. White Blacks stratified at the lowest levels of society - a cheap labor force was assured.

As progressives we should not judge the antics of a people. Instead we need to consider the outside forces which have cast their pressure upon a people and caused them to act within a manner that was against the law and which have injured people.

Let not the "grasshoppers fight while the crows up above fill their bellies"? The grasshoppers on the ground should instead unite and insure that the crows have their wings clipped and that they walk with us.

This is no time to enforce a set of rules of behavior upon a faction as a precondition for their alignment with our movement!! We must convince them that they are equally as poor and are being exploited. Let us put aside our differences and fight together.

Despite the fact that the Klan members have killed us, intimidated us, terrorized us and denied us our education - we must ignore their continuing attacks against us and value them for their potential worth.

Why should we accept the imprisonment of these Klan members when they act upon us? Instead we need to see that by imprisoning them we are actually creating the vicious cycle. They are fighting against us because their economic foundations are threatened. Once we seek to imprison them for attacking us we are only insuring that their wives and children remain without their primary income earner. In turn our attempts at prosecuting them ironically add to their angst. Let us stop prosecuting them and send them home!!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

What If Those Who Willed To Publish Threats To New Orleans From Mosquitos Where As Willing To Talk About The Threat From Thugs?

Same basic outline. A change in operatives:

Hat tip to my friend cnulan.

Six-Legged Soldiers

Excerpt from Six-Legged Soldiers at the Scientist; Insects have been converted into weapons of war and tools of terror for millennia. A new book asks: Are we ready for the next wave?

Dusk descends on a sweltering New Orleans. A naked man lies moaning in an apartment a few blocks from Canal Street. His jaundiced body is mottled with bruises where vessels have hemorrhaged. The pillow and bedside are caked with blood that he has vomited. The man's breathing is labored as he drowns in his own fluids.

The window of the room is shut tightly, letting in no breath of air - and letting out none of the thousands of mosquitoes that cover the walls and the man's body. Aedes aegypti is not the most common species along the Gulf Coast, but anyone with a course in medical entomology could build a simple trap and conscript a bloodthirsty army.

Across the hall, another man cracks his door and peers out. Seeing nobody in the hallway, he emerges wearing beekeepers' garb. After slipping into the sickroom, he watches as a convulsion wracks the martyr's body. The insects rise in a ravenous cloud, droning their annoyance at having their meal disturbed.

Taking advantage of the moment, the garbed man crosses the room and opens the window... ...Sensing the air currents, a cloud of mosquitoes pours through the window, carrying a payload of yellow fever. The city's tropical heat, stagnant waters, crumbling infrastructure, decrepit health care system, and haggard people - nearly a quarter million resolute souls after Katrina - will provide an ideal setting for an epidemic. The man pulls a cell phone from his pocket and reads the coded text messages from his associates in Houston and Miami. He smiles, brushes a mosquito from the key pad, and dials the news desk at CNN.

New Orleans Murder Blog

A Negro in denial of that which most threatens him proves to be an worthy playground for a political force who values him for the utility of his vote yet his low maintenance.

Droopy-Pantlegged Cancers

Excerpt from "Within The Black Community";

Insidious agents have been converted into weapons of war upon their own kind by the very people they see as emissaries to the Promised Land for millennia. A new book asks: Are we ready to see that this threat is greater than the waves that broke the levees?

Dusk descends on a sweltering New Orleans. A blood soaked teen lies moaning in an apartment a few blocks from Canal Street. His bullet riddled body is mottled blood. Its attempts to coagulate prove worthless as the projectile that has destroyed vital organs has caused massive hemorrhaged.

The pillow and bedside are caked with blood that has been expelled from his body. The man's breathing has vacated his body along with the promises that this youth once had as he was birthed from his mother's womb. These dreams for his family and his community has now drowned in his own fluids and excrement.

The window of the adjacent apartments were shut tightly as the police investigators came upon the scene to assign responsibility and JUSTICE, making the community whole once again. A hand full of community members are now up off of the floor having ducked to avoid the stray bullets that cover the walls and the man's body. Stop Snitching enforcement is the most common form of community intimidation that goes on in 2008 along this specific Gulf Coast community of African Americans, but anyone with a course in urban emergency medical room trauma could write a volume about the stories in which this same event has transpired.

Across the alley way, another woman cracks her door and peers out as the police knock asking if she saw anything. Seeing the Thug neighbor look at her ever move in the hallway, he emerges wearing Thug garb. He notes the fear in her body as she tells the police "I ain't see nothin" and she closes the door.

The cancer cells within rise in a ravenous cloud, knowing that just ONE MORE TIME - they will not be held accountable by the same justice system that those who would protect them say is UNJUST. This will be yet another Black man who DESERVES TO BE IN JAIL for what he has done - who will remain free because he has effectively produced an blanket of fear upon his own people.

I am not sure that THIS is the type of justice that Martin Luther King Jr and hundreds of thousands of others had marched for.

The prevailing response to the national Black community is SILENCE.
They attack ANYONE who does not dare to view these aggregate action as "derivative behavior" as the blame is shifted to someone other than the Kneegrow who pulled the trigger.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Announcing The "Hill Harper - I Volunteer To Pay My Fair Share Of Taxes Without The Government Making Me Do It First" Designation

Announcing The "Hill Harper - I Volunteer To Pay My Fair Share Of Taxes Without The Government Making Me Do It First" Designation with the IRS.

I like Hill Harper.
I think that he is a fine actor.
He appears to be a conscious brother.
He is also making waves in the activist community with his positions on certain issues. You have every right to express your opinion brother.

I figure myself to be a "conscious brother" as well but at times some things don't sit well with me.

I have a right to ANALYZE the opinions that are thrown out, fit them into the current set of challenges that are faced, do a logic check and then make my views be known as well.

No doubt Mr. Harper is a "progressive". He sees the salvation of certain people and their problems via broader government.

I am forced, yet again, to reference what I heard (and agreed with) from the great poet Ms. Maya Angelou in her view of CORPORATE CHARITY. As I sat in the large auditorium for her 80th birthday party (sponsored by UPS, Delta Air Lines, and Coca Cola) she said the following:

Many corporations believe that they are performing "CHARITY" when they provide money to charitable causes but in truth are only doing it for the tax write off. This is not "charity". "Charity" is when you have extra and you give to others who are in need without you anticipating anything in return for your efforts.

Again this is an agreeable statement from Ms. Angelou - who has left-winged sentiments.

HOWEVER - what we will NEVER, NEVER, NEVER hear from Ms. Angelou nor Hill Harper is the corollary statement to the one above:

Many Progressives believe that they are performing "charity" when they seek to increase taxes on those "who have" so that the government can receive funds and redistribute it to those who are "IN NEED". This is NOT CHARITY. The "donor" of these funds has no choice in the matter. He does so lest he receive a lien upon his property or face jail time for failing to do so. When you must apply such FORCE upon the "donor" in pursuit of your own version of "Social Justice" and charity....this also violates the principles as set forth in the mirror image that was described on the left.

Mr Harper said: "my taxes are going to increase and I'm okay with that because I should be paying my fair share".

Excuse me Mr Harper........if you are NOT NOW - "paying your fair share" and you are acknowledging it .....what is stopping you from doing so?

I bet you have a tax accountant or use Turbo Tax to maximize the deductions that you qualify for. Now that you have been tagged with the "Hill Harper - I Volunteer To Pay My Fair Share Of Taxes Without The Government Making Me Do It First" check mark on your tax return - you are now free to GIVE ALL OF THE MONEY YOU WANT through the government channel so that all of your charitable interests can be met.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Hurricane Bush Causes An Increase In Divorces Among Victims In New Orleans

Divorce stalks Katrina survivors

It has been three years since Hurricane Katrina killed more than 1,800 people, scouring Mississippi beach towns down to bare sand and rupturing the protective levees around New Orleans, Louisiana.

Eight feet of floodwater left Murray's home in Slidell, Louisiana, uninhabitable. He's been working on the house, but he and his wife and three children have been living in a FEMA trailer.

Murray also lost his job. He recently suffered a heart attack, brought on in part by stress, according to doctors. But what's really agonizing for him is that his wife of 16 years says she is considering a divorce.

Murray blames the hurricane for troubles in his marriage, saying, "Her and I never argued, never fought, never nothing until this hurricane, until we got cramped in that FEMA trailer."

His wife, Iris, wouldn't talk on camera but did say, "Everything is unstable. The kids aren't being raised right because they don't have the proper space."

Murray says it's not for lack of his effort, but his limited finances have kept the family stuck in the trailer while he tries to renovate the house.

"I have busted my butt over the past few months just to get this side of the house functioning," Murray said. "I have done everything I can to try to keep my family together, then I had a heart attack -- what, a year ago -- inside the FEMA trailer."

Murray says the couple has tried counseling and turned to their church, but the reality is that he could lose everything.

"A lot of people that we grew up with, that I know, have split up, divorced or went on their way because of this hurricane," Murray said.

That Bush is a son of a gun. Any people he did not successfully destroy with the levees - he is getting them after the fact by destroying their marriages.

How can on man be so evil?

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Victim's Journal #1 - The People Mover At The Atlanta Airport - A Metaphore For White Supremacy!

This story is a metaphor for "White Supremacy" and how the White man has benefited from stuctural advantages applied to him as compared to Black folks.

I had an early morning flight at the Hartsfield-JACKSON Atlanta International Airport (if you leave off the "Jackson" in the airport's name you are usually subject to attack by Black folks.  By the way - in Washington DC - these same people who will attack you for calling the Atlatna airport out of name don't call "Reagan National Airport by its offical name.  Funny how that works, isn't it? ).  

As I was walking in the "passenger mall", the corridor down below which links the concourses together I noticed how access to certain re

souces provided different results in the short run.

Namely the "People Mover" system - the escalator which is laid out flat provided an advantage to a White man who had been walking next to me.   

I typically walk to my concourse rather than ride the train because it provides me with the exercise that I usually don't get while traveling and being in a rush all of the time.  I noticed that when this White man got on the people mover and continued to walk at the same pace - he was able to put great distance between himself and me with the benefit of the "society that was stacked in his favor".  As hard as I attempted to keep up with him - as my prior training in calculus taught me - with each interval of time - his total rate of forward movement was greater than mine because he was on a moving surface while I was on a relatively stationary surface.  (Well that is unless you are a scientist and consider that the Earth itself is constantly moving. )  Boy that relativity is something to behold.

By the time I got my camera phone out and powered on this is how far the White man got in front of me with his "system aided" performance:

I thought about all of the Black people who had been denied access to the "people mover system" over time and thus they had to be "Twice as good" as the White man because their ground was moving with them.

This is a picture of a SECOND WHITE MAN who was once behind me and he too, witht he benefit of the SYSTEM working in his favor was able to pass me by though I was walking as fast as I can.....as a Black man:

Another shot of the great distance that the White man had accumulated while I was forced to walk on stationary ground:

Then something happened. 'DESEGREGATION'!!!!

I too, a Black man, was allowed to ride on the People Mover System! Just like the White man! Notice by the railings that I am ON the moving side walk rather than beside it. Notice the ground that I had gained on the White man. Each people mover system has about 100 feet of stationary ground between them as you go between concourses. I used this "equal time" to make up ground on the White man:

From both my EXTRA EFFORT and the fact that I had access to the same accellerator as the White Man - I was able to over take his lead and I beat him to Concourse D (he is behind me and my camera view. I was not about to turn my camera back upon him and take his picture.) :

Lessons learned - it takes BOTH Desegreation, Legal Recourse AND THE WILL FOR BLACK FOLKS TO ADVANCE BY DOING WHAT IT TAKES in order for the full benefit of managed anti-racism policies to be expressed.

Had I just jumped on the People Mover and allowed it to carry me forward The White man STILL would have been far ahead of me. I had my goal on ARRIVING AT CONCOURSE D rather than the past discrimation that I faced by being barred from the people mover system. Thus I ARRIVED THERE SUCCESSFULLY AND I ARRIVED THERE BEFORE THE WHITE MAN.

Lessons learned: You can only use YOUR PRESENT to determine your FUTURE.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Riling Up The Masses

A community activist stands before a crowd of Black folks as he latches on to their anger:

"Brothers and sisters - I know that I share your sentiments as I stand before you today! I am sick and tired of being sick and tired. We need to DO SOMETHING about this treat to our community."

AUDIENCE: "Hey! You tell 'em. We ain't gonna take this any longer!"

ACTIVIST: "These men think that they can ride in their cars through our community, lights flashing all about and they can get out and have their way with us. Intimidating us. Assaulting and beating us. Killing us for no good reason. Who do they think they are?"

AUDIENCE - "We are tired of being disrespected, harassed and trampled upon"

ACTIVIST: "They wear certain uniforms. They are more loyal to their own kind than they are to the people. They will cover for each other when one does something foul to us. They have no problem pulling out their guns to intimidate us. Friends - I must tell you - THIS MUST STOP!!!"

AUDIENCE - "That thin blue line has crossed too far"

ACTIVIST: "We must demand that the people they are accountable to keep them in line. They are in need of RETRAINING and a more thorough review of their own actions. They need to be held accountable. I want you to join with me to insure that every new crop of these people who come about in our community from their 'graduating class' be trained in civility, the laws of the community and most importantly RESPECT for our people. If they can't respect our people - why are they among us?"

AUDIENCE - (Raging Applause) "Brother you have perfectly captured our frustrations in this community. I could not have said it better myself. You gave a clear action plan. So tell us - where do you suggest we protest against the POLICE? At the city hall? Police headquarters or at the police academy?

ACTIVIST - "POLICE? That was not a speech about the POLICE! I was talking about the KILLER THUG KNEEGROWS who are terrorizing our communities!!! How did you figure I was talking about the police?"

AUDIENCE - "But you said - 'threat to our community'

ACTIVIST _ "YES. These Thug Kneegrows are the biggest threat!"

AUDIENCE - "You said they ride around with flashing lights".

ACTIVIST - "Yes - you are prone to see them 'riding on 24's' with lights flashing in the back window or from underneath their ride. "

AUDIENCE - "What about the uniforms and their loyalties that you spoke about?"

ACTIVIST - "Indeed. They all wear the same uniforms more or less - sagging jeans, athletic jersey, cap and jewelry. They ENFORCE LOYALTY as their stop snitching enforcement insures that they get away with their criminal acts. It is the community who loses.

"So I have your support in promoting an organized effort against the Criminal Thugs in our communities, right?"

AUDIENCE - "Man you have lost your mind. These are our children. Why should we be responsible for locking more of them up? Besides that - these Kneegrows are carrying GUNS man. Don't you know that you are gonna get yourself KILT?

At least when we protest outside of city hall - the news media will show up and force the system to change.

WHERE DO WE protest against the thugs besides at our own houses?"

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Best Way To Get Black Folks In Crenshaw To Stop Eating Fast Food

Greater than that is that this is yet another example of the DISCONNECTION between the NEEDS OF THE BLACK COMMUNITY and the willingness for BLACK INVESTORS to step up and supply this need.

Let me back up and more clearly structure this. (Here is the ANALYSIS that Steve has been demanding. Its just that he doesn't often like the painful assessment) :

The PROBLEM: Black people in Democrat Maxine Waters' district are some of the most obese people around due to bad dietary choices.

Consequences: This leads to health ailments, early death and the need for acute medical services.

Sadly it is NOT the people themselves but instead EXTERNAL emissaries who are working on their behalf.

Potential Strategy A:
Have a community member risk his own money by setting up a natural foods restaurant as HE attempts to provide access to the healthy and wholesome foods that his people need to be healthy. Sadly I have seen many Black business owners go bankrupt by attempting to apply THEIR OWN values upon the community. (as well as book stores and coffee shops)

Potential Strategy B:
Have the GOVERNMENT step in and put a moratorium on the food outlets that THEY deem as unhealthy. Their claim is that such a freeze will allow alternatives to "get a foothold" - as one lady said on the news this morning. Likely no "whole foods" company is going to risk their capital on such a venture. Unprocessed foods have a shorter shelf life and thus they need high inventory turn over to make a profit. Their food is likely more expensive in the first place.

Potential Strategy C - The One That WORKS EVERY TIME within the Black community:

Launch a full frontal marketing attack. Make the case that McDonald, Wendy's, Burger King and Arbys IS TRYING TO KILL BLACK PEOPLE by making them OBESE and prone to early death as a result!

Have a press conference featuring Maxine Waters and the other new rep Richardson (?) tie it all together and also school Richardson on how it is done.

Waters' speech: "Isn't it strange that the SAME community that the CIA has dumped its CRACK within.....the SAME community in which the HIV virus has been allowed to incubate within...the SAME community who's hospital, King-Drew, has been starved for resources...now has been TARGETED by greedy corporations targeting Black and Brown people for early termination?

We've slowed the purchase of HANDGUNS used to kill our children so now they want to use a "Big Mac with a supersized fries" to do the same thing. Why am I not surprised? People I have been warning you about this for DECADES. Do you still doubt me? I don't hear you? Do you still doubt me on anything I tell you?

You know that there is only one force that is behind all of this people. THE REPUBLICANS!!! Ewwwww I can't stand them!!! First they try to tell us that catchup is a vegetable. Now they want to load up our fast food with mayonnaise so that we'll get high cholesterol. When you do catch a heart attack - there is no more hospital around that will take you in.

You go crazy and there they are with the CRACK to allow you to ease your mind for just a minute.

People don't you see the vicious cycle that the republicans have set up for us? They are always behind you, under every rock!! Waiting for you to slip up so they can snatch the rug right from under you and you fall on your face.

I need you to do me a favor. Everytime you pick up a Big Mac, a Whopper, A Double with Cheese and Everything or A Roast beef sandwich with horsey sauce - I want you to take a look at the "Republican Party" seal that has been stamped on the bun and then THROW IT AWAY!! Don't let them KILL YOU.

I need all of you around to allow me to KEEP FIGHTING FOR YOU. You can't vote for me IF YOU ARE DEAD. (Or at least I haven't figured out how to game the Diebold voting equipment to do that. That damned photo voter ID requirement that the GOP has implemented is cutting into ability to fight off Latino competitors in this majority Latino district of mine).

Remember "Don't Eat The Whopper....Stay alive to be a Republican STOPPER!!"

Sunday, June 29, 2008

A Clayton County GA Resident For Obama

(The setup of the scene:
At the "Super H-Mart in Riverdale, GA in Clayton County. An Obama supporter is outside selling "Obama For President, Change We Can Believe In" t-shirts.

This is a bit folks so work with me. I am compiling a series of real life elements that are in place within this particular county in order to gain understanding of it all.

Obama Supporter: The next president of the United States. Barack Obama! Support this brother by wearing a t-shirt. Change we can believe in.

Constructive Feedback: You are giving these t-shirts away right?

Obama Supporter: Does it look like I am giving them out? (this part of the story is true)

Constructive Feedback: Man that was not very friendly of you. I thought that we are engaging in a 'Different type of politics'.

You are advertising the notion that with Barack Obama as president the nation, this state and Clayton County is going to receive some particular benefit. Isn't it in your interest to give away this advertisement so that I can market the message for you via the shirt?

Obama Supporter: Oh I get it. You must be one of those negroes who are supporting John McCain. I got it. Not interested brother. Go and Tom somewhere else. I'm not having it here. This country needs to CHANGE. The Republicans screwed it all up.

Constructive Feedback: Brother - I drive up and down Georgia Highway 85 each and every day. I've noticed that 100% of the signs in Clayton County are for DEMOCRATS. You county has 100% Democrats elected in positions today and you are on the verge of losing the accreditation for your schools. Your crime rates are up and your property values are down from people cutting their losses and departing.

Obama Supporter: You are on the 'Wrong side of history'. Here we have a chance to elect the first Black man as president and you are trying to throw a wrench into my efforts to help the brother win. What is wrong with you?

Constructive Feedback: You know brother I notice that where as Obama's message is about "Change" for the entire country here in Clayton County Georgia when a local Democrat has "change" on his or her billboard they are talking about CHANGING from the crash course that some other Democrat had lead the county on.

Obama Supporter: Come on with that man. You know that we Black folks have only been running this county outright for about 4 years prior to this the White folks were running it. It takes time for things to fall into place. Look man. Are you going to buy my t-shirts or what? I have other people who are willing to support Obama for President. They haven't lost their consciousness as you have.

Constructive Feedback: So you do see that there is a difference in the context of the "change" between national and local. When Black folks see a Republican having 'screwed' up they are quick to seek to run him out and put the closest Democrat in office. Plainly when a whole flock of Democrats locally have screwed up the entire county after you all voted them in - you only seek to PUT NEW DEMOCRATS IN to replace them. Do you see how this works? And by the way the "White folks" that these current Democrats have replaced were Democrats as well. That same "Good ole boy network" that you all complained about were White Democrats.

Obama Supporter: So tell me - had we voted the Republicans in office they would have fixed everything up in the County? Please tell me why Black folks should vote for Republicans? What have they ever done for Black folks?

Constructive Feedback: First of all I am not a Republican so you will need to drive about 10 miles down the street into Fayette County and you can talk to them at their county headquarters office which is in plain sight there.

Do you find it a bit perverted that in the midst of having 100% Democrats running your county and having several critical problems that threaten your basic way of life in front of you that you demand that I tell you WHY Black folks should vote for Democrats? Shouldn't you be trying to figure out WHAT YOU ARE GETTING FROM DOING WHAT YOU CONTINUE TO DO? Certainly you can't claim that you are "Working in the interests of the Black community" there is more evidence to confound that claim than you could bring up to justify it.

Obama Supporter: Look man. The economy is in the tank. The gas prices are out of sight. We were lied into a war. Regardless of what you say this is the bottom line. The Republicans failed and they need to go.

Constructive Feedback: My only wish is that you would one day take a dispassionate look upon all of your politics and use this same line of reasoning for when someone "fails you". As I read it with the assumption that education, safe streets and local economic development are the key issues impacting Black people the fact is that in the areas with the largest concentration of Black people it is local Democrats who are failing to deliver upon these things the most and thus are harming Black folks the most with their failed policies.

Obama Supporter: Look man. I am going. I am working on my own economy. I am selling t-shirts trying to link into a time when people are highly motivated to make a purchasing decision. See you after the election, sucker.

Constructive Feedback: Do you think that you are hurting or insulting me? I just want you to ask yourself when Black America will receive the benefit from the Obama presidency? In November on election night if he is victorious? In January when he is inaugurated? Or come January 2013 after 4 years of his presidency when you can pull up the numbers that substantiate your claim?

For some reason I believe that if the current 5.5% unemployment rate is at 7.9% after 4 years of "Obama Change" that you would STILL have the fever for change, blaming the companies who failed to hire American workers for seeking to thwart the "Audacity of Hope".

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Spike Lee Jr Films Iraq War Film In 2030

Alright folks - this is the sarcastic compartment of my blogging ecosystem. I try to craft submissions that are largely based on key stories in the news.

Spike Lee -

Article: Lee: Eastwood omitted black troops in WWII films


Producer Spike Lee Jr, the son of famed Black film producer Spike Lee plans to do a series of pod casts that highlight the participation of the Black soldiers in the unpopular war in Iraq that was kicked off in 2003 by then President George W. Bush. The war ended on February 2009 after the newly elected President Obama signed an executive order to have all US Troops to be removed from Iraq, a war that he was opposed to from the start, and shifted to Afghanistan, the war that he supported because they are the ones who attacked us.

As part of the new format of movies in 2030, Mr. Lee Jr plans to release a string short, 30 minute film segment which detail several elements of the War In Iraq in which the atrocities committed by the American soldiers who were Black were under reported by the media and the Anti-War forces around the world. This is largely because they saw this as American Imperialism which is an extension of White Supremacy and thus by having Black soldiers depicted as agents of White Supremacy ran counter to their agenda.

Where as when the Black solider was identified by the liberal biased Black press who were strongly united against the war - they cherry picked individuals such as Spc. Shoshana Johnson who they felt was shunned while Jessica Lynch, the White girl who was captured in the same incident received an overwhelming set of publicity. When the Lynch story was found to have been exaggerated by the Pentagon, the Congressional Black Caucus felt no remorse about their previous envy.

Mr Lee Jr hopes to correct this situation. He is of the opinion that if the Black soldier can be the good guy OR the unwilling participant in a war because he only signed up for college benefits in a society that stands against his interests as an equal citizen then he can also be called out for pulling the same trigger that the White American soldiers have done, killing and maiming Iraqi people who have never called him a "Nigger".

Mr. Lee Jr is of the opinion that EQUALITY flows both ways. Not only does America need to show that she sees Black people as equal human beings, the anti-War movement must also hold Black soldiers in the same light as - rapists, murderers and torturers - the same image that they have for the generic American soldier. Their face on the American soldier, however, is some White male hillbilly from the South who is blood thirsty to kill some person of color not only because he was told to but because the military gives him a channel to do what he wanted to do anyway.

Mr Lee Jr says "Think about it - we had the Buffalo Soldiers in the late 1800's. Though Black people like to hold them to the highest esteem, as we should, they also wore the uniforms of the American military as this country expanded into Native American territory. When the Buffalo Soldiers helped Teddy Roosevelt invade Cuba they used verbal chants learned from the Native Americans as they trecked through the forests of Cuba fighting against the Spanish. The chants disoriented the enemy, making it appear that there were more attackers coming than there actually were. Now if this is the case with the Buffalo Soldiers having learned these chants from the Native Americans.....do you think that the Buffalo Soldiers were making these chants against the American military who's uniforms they were wearing or hearing these chants made by the Native Americans who they were killing per their membership in the American military? Let's be real folks."

Clearly Mr. Lee Jr has continued his father's provocative ways. He transforms his frustrations onto film, allowing them to speak for him.

Mr. Lee Jr plans to do several podcasts with the following titles:

* The Brothers Of Abu Ghraib
Various Iraqi prisoners provide recollection of their experiences of being tortured by Black soldiers - per the focus of the American press at the time. The conclusion of the Iraqi prisoners - Moktada Al Haim is heard saying: "there is no particular difference between the torturous actions done by White American soldiers than by Black American soldiers. Only that the Black guy called us - how do you say it? "Take that Nigga" as he beat us."

* Brother Infidel - The View Of The Black Solider By The Insurgent Trying To Kill Them
In this segment Mr Lee Jr talks with the relatives of suicide bombers who are no longer with us, having blown themselves up while crashing into US military convoys. These relatives report that they were targeting the uniform, not the man inside it. Thus seeing a Black man inside of the uniform made no difference to them because he was carrying out the same mission that others who wore the uniform were doing. Why should they make note that these Black solders come from a slave legacy? Neither did it matter that most Black Americans back at home hated the war and President George W. Bush who sent them there.

* Wait Bro Don't Taze Me - The Black Jailers Of Guantanamo Bay
This episode details the former prisoners of Guantanamo Bay Cuba. In a surprising turn of events these Afghan and Iraqi prisoners said that they had free health care, good meals and were treated fairly. Some of them who had escaped the US military compound and infiltrated the Cuba society saw little difference between the prison and the daily life of the average Cuba citizen. Some of them came back to Camp Gitmo because at least they were able to leave the island - unlike the average Cuba citizen. Hasam Hili, a prisoner adds "It helped that we had a world of left wing activists lobbying for our release from Cuba. If only they were to do the same for the rest of the citizens of Cuba."

While I Was Away In Iraq I Could Have Been Saving New Orleans
Some Black soldiers who were members of the Louisiana National Guard, a good number of whom were deployed in Iraq when Hurricane Katrina hit their home town talk about their frustrations about not being able to save their own city.

Charles "Rambo" Jones says "I was very upset. I mean here I am fighting for my country in another land when I should have been at home rescuing people from the flood. Think about it - what Black man wants to see people in his home town suffering and he is off doing something else that is not helping people? I had the skills given to me by the US military to assist these people and thus assist myself because my people are me". When Mr. Lee Jr asked Mr. Jones about how he reconciles the fact that many civil rights leaders told Black people NOT to join the military because they would be deployed to Iraq but they also squandered the training opportunity to be able to help their own people in New Orleans and other places, Mr. Jones said "That was Bush's fault. How does Bush expect Black folks to care about saving our own communities if he doesn't provide a federal framework such as with the military to base this training upon? Are we supposed to set up a civilian protection service or something so that we can save ourselves? Didn't Bush realize that WE WERE SLAVES? Where are we going to get these resources necessary to save ourselves from if the Federal government doesn't provide them? They knew we were below sea level. They tried to kill us is what they did."

Mr. Lee's film series has not been rated yet.

Friday, May 23, 2008

A Civil Rights Leader Gets It Right In His Jail Cell Visit With A Victim Of Police Brutality

We here at "PHNN" (Parallel Hood News Network) pride ourselves at got to where the news is so that we might keep you abreast of what is going on in the world that is important to our key demographic - the Black American news consumer who keeps having to smack his palm on his head and say "This world is going insane. None of this stuff can be true." Sadly folks - while it might not necessarily all be true what we report - neither is MSNBC's commentary but hey - at least it pays the bills and keeps your interest. The truth is not too far away from fiction anyway.

We are here at the PHNN have a scoop on a story that is breaking out of Cleveland city jail. We are bringing to you live a meeting between the venerable civil rights activist Rev Leroy Biggs and Clarence Jackson - one of the 2 beating police victims that made national headlines. It seems that a Black man is not safe on the streets these days with the gang in Blue patrolling the streets and enforcing their brand of law and order. Rev Biggs has been at the forefront in seeking to nip these police attacks on Black men who get their asses kicked prior to being arrested.

This is a private meeting as requested by Rev Biggs and thus there is no official press coverage allowed. If you know PHNN we never let the rules restrain us. A police choke hold, maybe, but not the rules. We arrived 30 minutes before Rev. Biggs and bribed Mr. Jackson $50 to wear a microphone so that we could listen in on the conversation. In jail $50 goes a long way. It will buy several packs of cigarettes. Menthol at that. You know how much Black folks like to smoke menthols.

There goes Rev Biggs into the private meeting room for the conference with Clarence Jackson. Again Clarence Jackson is one of the two Black men who got their asses kicked by the Cleveland police officers who are now under investigation for police brutality. Jackson and his accomplice fired a gun into a crowd of Black people and then lead the police on a high speed chase, almost killing a Black mother who was rolling her 3 month old daughter through the intersection just as the car that Jackson was driving passed through. Tinisha Jones was not injured as she pushed her daughter forward and then dove out of the way. The police, who are bound to the concept of public safety was forced to call off the chase because it was too dangerous to the general public. Jackson, who had no such bond, kept on going and thus he was able to get away. Fortunately he was caught later when his car ran out of gas and he stopped at a gas station in the hood but did not know the zip code to type into the gas pump for the credit card that he stole and then tried to use. This extra hassle implemented at ghetto neighborhood gas stations paid off. Soon after the police showed up to the gas station and then wailed upon Mr. Jackson and his accomplice Rasheed Davis. The police tactics were caught on the gas station surveilance camera. The same camera system that was installed weeks earlier by the store owner who was tired of having gas thieves sneak up to the cars of paying customers who went inside of his store to purchase coffee while their cars filled up outside. These thieves would bring gas containers and fill up their own stash unbeknown to the customer. When customers with 17 gallon tanks were complaining to the owner about being charged for 24 gallons of gasoline the store owner Sunder Patel installed the camera system to catch people in the act. The police were ensnared in the midst of kicking the asses of Mr. Jackson and Mr. Davis by this same system.

Here is the audio from Rev Biggs and Mr. Jackson. Please forgive the static in the background. The steel in the reinforced concrete interferes with the transmission of the audio. It does a hell of a job keeping the prisoners from breaking through the walls so we will just have to live with the static.

Biggs: How are you Clarence?

Jackson: Good, good. With everything considered. They beat me pretty bad you know. Beat me like an animal. There was no call for it. These cops think that they can get away with anything, like they own the streets. They saw a Black man and they figured that they can disrespect US. I am just glad that you are going to stand up for my rights. I feel much better now knowing that you have my back.

Biggs: You know Clarence - that's what I came here to talk to you about. "Having your back".

Jackson: I know that you have been through this whole thing several times and all around the country. What is next? Do you appoint me an attorney from one on your list of "pre-qualified" lawyers who donated to your organization? I know that this case is a potential multi-million dollar case. Me getting my ass kicked on camera was a God send. Good is indeed good...."all the time".

Biggs: That is exactly what I came here to talk to you about Clarence. My role with regards to your case.

Jackson: Cool

Biggs: Clarence do you know that this jail is about 70 years old? I can't count the number of times that I have been put in hear, locked up after a peaceful protest. I did this in the name of justice. I knew that the sacrifices of my freedom today which was back then would lead to a time in the future, which is now, in which Black males like you would not have to be locked up due to injustices.

Jackson: As I said before THEY see us Black men as animals. We are predestined to end up locked up in their cages if they had it their way.

Biggs: Clarence. Indeed the benefit of the video technology allows those of us who were not there to have an eye cast on the series of events that have lead up to controversial situations that me and other Black leaders who are fighting for justice respond to. Indeed Clarence I saw the video at the gas station and indeed the police were out of control. They need to be dealt with for they acted beyond the rules that dictate their behavior.

Jackson YEAH. This is why I wanted you as my spokesperson. Say that same thing at my press conference later. Thank you Rev. Biggs.

Biggs: Clarence. Yes technology is wonderful. I have to tell you - I also saw the police mounted camera that recorded the entire police chase. I saw all of the red lights that you sped through without regard for life and property, only your own behind. I saw that there are at least 6 other Black people who will not be able to drive their cars to work tomorrow because of your own actions. In order to avoid hitting you they swerved and hit other cars. Clarence do you realize that there are at least 3 people in the hospital with neck injuries due to your actions?

Jackson: But, but Rev Biggs. What are you saying? You are on my side right? You saw what the cops do to Black people? I was scared.

Biggs: Yes Clarence. I am fully aware of what cops are capable of. I also realize that cops are humans. They have emotions as humans. Clarence - these cops saw you as you almost ran down Tinisha Jones and her young daughter Ebony. When I saw that video image Clarence I even wanted to put a foot up your ass. I am a man of God so I had to pray to get my actions in line.

Jackson: I blew my horn. Why is she out walking her child that time of night anyway? She should know that it is dangerous. That was on her.

Biggs: Clarence. Ms. Jones is a college student who also works a job to make ends meet. She was returning from her job and taking her child home from her mother's house for the night. She has enough stacked against her success already. You caused her great mental anguish Clarence. Myself and other pastors of the Concerned Black Clergy are visiting her to have her to get over this event that caused her life to flash before her. She is talking about dropping out of school now. We have to work with her to have her regain her confidence that the world is not against her that her struggles are just temporary.

Biggs: Clarence. You shot into the crowd of Black people gathered for a "Community Weekend" celebration. The community is working to stem the tide of violence, drugs and negativity within the community. This event was supposed to be our little "can't we all just get along" event to rebuild the cultural and human level connections among the members of the community. All was going well on the first two days of the event. The one incident that ruined everything for everyone was the fight that you and the other three guys got into. Clarence - tell me. Why?

Jackson: They dissed me Rev Biggs. They called me a punk. They said that this is their block and that I had better 'act like I know'. I originally just pulled out my gun to scare them off. I wasn't intending on shooting anyone. They tried to front on me. They told me that I didn't have the heart to shoot and I shouldn't not have even pulled out my gun. I had to fire the gun Rev Biggs. They dissed me. How can I ever show my face in the neighborhood if they would have chumped me like that? I had no choice. You don't know how it works Rev Biggs.

Biggs: Clarence. Do you realize that your bullets hit an 8 year old boy in the arm and another hit a 62 year old grandmother in the shoulder? How are you going to show your face in this community when you have to deal with them?

Jackson: I'm sorry. I just had to do it. I was aiming at the 3 guys but I missed.

Biggs: Where did you get the gun from Clarence/

Jackson: I bought it on the streets. One of my running buddies said that he could supply me some heat for protection. You know how it goes Rev. Biggs. These are some mean streets.

Biggs: Clarence do you realize that I have been working to keep our streets safe from illegal guns and here you are on the demand side making it worth the while for the gun traffickers to take the risk. You are a bigger problem than they are, I now realize. Without YOU there would be no them.

Biggs: Clarence the video of your shooting into the crowd that was captured on so many people's cellphones and which now are all over You Tube don't look good. They show you as a coward and a fool. I told you about the police cameras regarding your chase and now I want to leave you after we talk about the final segment as far as I am concerned.

Jackson: What's that?

Biggs: The final segment is the one that caused me to have a tremendous turn about regarding my past blind defense of people like you Clarence. You see the gas station surveillance system also showed me how I was a part of your entire situation. That wallet that Rahseed stole out of someone's wallet during the Community gathering the day before? That was MY WALLET. You friend Rahseed robbed me at gun point and then took all of my money and credit cards. I did not realize the connection that I played until the gas pump mounted video camera showed your face and your fingers inserting my credit card into the gas pump and then attempting to guess my zip code. I don't live in your zipcode any longer Clarence. I moved my wife and children away because it is too dangerous.

I now realize from this episode that while indeed I have been a drum soldier for justice......I have also been an enabler of your behavior because I always ask of the police - knowing that they have a command staff to whom they are ultimately accountable to and a set of legal liabilities which the department must pay. As a result I had super-human expectations of these men. Clarence - after seeing all that you and Rahsheed had done leading up to the confrontation with the police - I must say that I would not have been able to turn off my own emotions and treat you with the RESPECT that you did not bother to bestow upon so many other people who you have injured during the series of events that I watched on video tape.

I realized that while I had been holding the police accountable for all that they had done that at the same time I have failed to have any set of expectations for you or the thugs like you who terrorize our community with reckless abandon. Clarence - I will never stop attempting to manage the system, forcing it to make itself better. What I will start doing, however is to enforce certain standards from you and the other young people in my community. I realize now that if I don't ask anything of you that you will live down to my expectations.

It took your friend Rahseed to hit me upside the head with the butt of his gun to jar my brain into full clarity about the situation.

Biggs: Clarence GIVE ME MY DAMNED CREDIT CARD BACK! I am washing my hands of you. I have more faith today that the SYSTEM as is will handle you appropriately. As for me - I have to apologize to the Black community for I was wrong in my dealings with it. I need to try and restore the confidence that was lost in the people who have moved away from the community. It is clear that they tried to tell me of their limits of tolerance. I was intolerant of them as I supported YOU over WHAT YOU AND OTHERS HAVE DONE to hurt our community.

Clarence when you are ready to live up to my expectations per the rules of the system - come talk to me. My door will be open. If you want to be a thug - the prison door will always be open and will only close to lock itself behind you. The choice is yours. Good day sir.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Two Different Types Of Monkeys

A blog adversary of mine wrote the following soliloquy regarding the use of a monkey and the associated racial ramifications:

When animal images are used in general for folks, that isn't necessarily dehumanization as such but imagery/metaphor/parody. There is a difference.

The guy at Mulligans (note: a White bar that produced a t-shirt with Curious George the monkey with the caption "Obama 2008" on it) can say all he wants that he just thinks cute little Curious George and Obama look a lot alike...but he knows that blacks are taking offense and he doesn't care. I can tell from the way he's responded in the news and the fact he's gearing up to make more of these T-shirts, last I heard, after selling out of them...depsite the rancor this is raising.

From the PHNN ("Parallel Hood News Network") news archives we have the audio of a conflict between a little White boy and a little Black boy in which they were lobbing verbal assaults at each other after a third party had accused both of them of talking about each other's mama.

Black Kid: "Timmy you are a little punk. I told you that you stink every day because you don't wash. And when you do wash you jump into the toilet bowl after someone just took a crap."

White Kid: "Oh yeah, Jimmy? Well you are a little punk too. Your teeth are yellow because you don't brush them and instead you borrow your big sisters highlighter and paint your teeth florescent yellow"

Black Kid: "Well, well. You are so dumb that when our teacher asked you the question 'If Johnny had 3 apples and then ate 2 of them how many would he have left?' and you told her 'None because my momma always cuts up 3 apples for me in the morning and I eat all of them up".

White Kid: "That's nothing. You are so dumb that when the bus driver ask you 'Where do you live so I can take you home.' You told him - 'With my momma and my daddy.' "

Black Kid: Dunce!
White Kid: Weirdo!
Black Kid: Skunk!!
White Kid: Opossum!!
Black Kid: Orangutan!
White Kid: Monkey!!

Black Kid: "You called me a MONKEY! You are a racist! Don't you know how offensive it is to associate monkey images to Black people? "

White Kid: "Well you called me an Orangutan! Isn't that a monkey as well? We saw this during the field trip that we took to the zoo last month.

Black Kid: " The key difference is that when you are older and you call a Black person a monkey, being a White person it will be seen as your attempt to perpetuate the White Supremacist antics of your ancestors who were the oppressors of Black people.."

White Kid: "So when I hear you call me the same thing I should not be offended as well? I thought that you were my equal?"

Black Kid: "No. You shouldn't take me seriously when I call you names. This is just my anger at 400 years of oppression. Despite the fact that I was born in 1999 this pain is encultrated in me using ambiguous rules and double standards such as this particular one regarding the use of monkey references."

White Kid: "But didn't we learn in our science class that there is no genetic differences between any human beings, regardless of their race? We are all this way due to mating decisions over thousands of years".

Black Kid: "All of this science is true. But again I told you - you have to factor in two important things when this situation comes up - Black people have a large part of our self-sensibilities placed so much in the hands of what White folks do to them so you must be respectful of this fact.....and the fact that YOU ARE LIKELY TO GET YOUR ASS KICKED if you say it to them to their face".

White Kid: "Well since you put it that way - You are a Jackass instead."

Black Kid: "Jackass? - Well that's better"

White Kid: "Enough of this. Let's go pull the hair of Suzy. She's a real bitch when she yells at us".

Black Kid: "OK, let's go after that hoe".

Thursday, May 15, 2008

See Rev. Kirbyjon Caldwell You Should Not Have Done That Bush Wedding When Black Folks Don't Like Him!!!

Article:Rev. Kirbyjon Caldwell officiates Henry Hager, Jenna Bush wedding

Rev Caldwell - what were you thinking? Who told you to go near that show of merriment by the Bush family? Don't you know that the evil Bush family are "Persona non grata" with Black folks?

Bush probably originally invited you to serve the White wine (you know they didn't have a dark table wine right? They said that it was too bitter.) In order to save face they allowed you to stand in for the photo shoot. I am sure that Rev. Hagee who hates Catholics and Homosexuals was the invited speaker. Who else would the Bush Klan ask to give their daughter's hand away in marriage?

Now do you think that Jenna Bush would have ever been allowed to marry a Black man? If she did - neither you.......nor any of the Bush family would have been in attendance there. You know that. It might have happened. You see Jenna Bush did a stint as a teacher for a majority Black school in DC. She could have very well hooked up with a brother who might have turned her out. She was pretty wild in college you know.

Article: One of Bush Twins Will Teach Public School in D.C.

For the record - this picture is Jenna with children from Africa, not DC. But you can see how uncomfortable she is around Black folks. Years of conditioning to hate people of color will do that to you.

You see I KNEW IT! It's a CHARTER SCHOOL! What else would you expect from the Bush's than to attempt to UNDERCUT a traditionally GOVERNMENT OPERATED SCHOOL - where there is a teachers union running the show! Don't be fooled by the Black folks as a back drop. With her new husband as a former operative for Karl Rove it is clear to me now that this teaching stint was just a trick. I wonder what other mis-education she put into these BLACK children's heads?

Before leaving Washington, D.C. in Summer 2006, Bush taught at Elsie Whitlow Stokes Community Freedom Public Charter School for a year and a half.She took a leave of absence from the Charter School teaching position to work at a shelter several days a week as part of an internship for UNICEF's Educational Policy Department in Latin America, specifically in Panama. After her internship for UNICEF, she returned to her teaching position at the charter school in Washington, D.C., where she is again currently teaching.

How could you Rev Caldwell? How could you slap Black people in the face like this? You are supposed to be an ANGRY BLACK MAN!

You are supposed to "Speak Truth To POWER" not say "By the POWER vested in me I now pronounce you man and wife"!!

The only disposition you should have with THAT MAN is the one that was shown on The Daily Kos:

This is a more fitting wedding album worthy of a man who has caused so much harm. (You have to ignore some of these pictures. They actually were killed or injured by a fellow Muslim. Bush freed these savages and thus they began acting as they know how to do. I am glad that The Daily Kos accurately presented this version of their own thinking. Otherwise people would think that this Muslims in the Middle East are equal human beings or something.

I know that you are lead by the spirit. But aren't you at least "guided by the political and ideological sentiments of Black folks"?

CLEARLY you had no intention of this being seen as an "advancement for Black folks" that a sitting President commission you to do something so personal to him.

You also CLEARLY had no intentions of having your picture appear in Jet Magazine either - did you?

You should have played it safe and only agreed to do work for a POPULAR president with Black people - like this guy here:

Simmie Knox

You know what. Now that I think about it. Now that Black folks don't like Clinton - or at least get punished or called a "Handkerchief Head Negro" if they show it publicly during this intramural battle among the Democrats. You have better not do any touchups to the painting below until after the elections. Things are dicey right now.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Exclusive Interview With The 3 Black Men Who Got Their Asses Kicked By The Philadelphia Police Department

We here at the "PHNN" (Parallel Hood News Network) work tirelessly to bring you up to the minute news about all that is going on in your community. We were able to use our connections to get an exclusive interview with one of the 3 Black men who got their asses kicked by the Philadelphia Police Department a few days ago.

We are now with Brian Hall, one of the 3 Black men who got his ass kicked by the Philadelphia Police Department.

PHNN: "Mr. Hall how are you doing after this episode?"

Hall: "Well my ass still hurts from getting kicked by the steel toed shoes worn by the cops but the prison infirmary tells me that I should be able to sleep on by back in a few days."

PHNN: "I am sorry to hear that Mr Hall. I hope everything works out for you."

Hall: "My trial lawyer, however, believes that I might have sustained permanent injury though. Now when my moms asks me why I don't just get up and find a job all I'll need to do is to replay the video tape. "

PHNN: "You have a point there. Indeed it was quite a beating"

Hall: "Well at least my moms will back off of me because this one minute ass whooping is going to translate into several million dollars taken from the treasury of the city of Philadelphia. :-) "

PHNN: "That's an interesting turn of events"

Hall: "Well just think. The average person taking a shot at the fame and glory of professional wrestling has to lift weights and go through several sparing matches on his way to fortune. All I had to do was to participate in a shooting, participate in a car chase with countless number of police following behind as we drove recklessly through the streets of North Philly and then step out of the car and GET MY ASS KICKED........Like money in the bank baby!"

PHNN: "Interesting Mr. Hall. Now let me change up subjects for a minute and get a bit more personal about what you were feeling at the time that you were getting your ass kicked. Here is the video tape playing. Tell us what was going through your mind during each frame."

Hall: "Well I figured that after going on a high speed chase for several blocks, almost running over several Black people that if we just stopped and gave up that the cops who are professionals would have their adrenaline lowered just hand cuff us and take us in. This is what they were trained to do, right? This is what the society expects from THEM. The society does not have any expectations upon me - a Black man so I should be allowed to do what I want. I have a right not to be beaten though. My crime of shooting in public and running away is not punishable by death......or by getting my ass kicked by the cops on the street.

PHNN: "Astounding".

Hall: "When they threw me down on the ground in this frame I thought that I was experiencing a 'Jump In' by the Crypts. I mean I saw all of the blue shirts around me. About 4 years ago I wanted to join the Bloods. When they told me about the jump in that I would have to go through I declined. At least with THIS jump in with the Philly cops.....I'm gonna get PAID for getting my ass kicked by the Philadelphia police department!! 33% gone to my trial lawyer, shit, this Nigga still will have a bunch of change in his pocket. What! Nigga what?!"

PHNN: "Amazing. Now Mr. Hall - what about this frame right here. You are clearly getting your ass kicked by two officers. What exactly were you thinking?"

Hall: "To be honest with you - I was feeling kinda good. I had just gone to the inauguration of the 3rd Black Mayor of Philadelphia. As the crowd gathered and I was looking for some pockets to pick.......I was captured by his speech. He talked about HOPE for the city of Philadelphia. He talked about how society has failed to provide for so many and that CHANGE was going to come about under his administration. I saw the new Black police commissioner sitting on state as well. When I saw these Black men on stage and I knew they were also Democrats I got inspired. I had to walk back and give the old lady who's wallet I stole her property back."

PHNN: "You are an honorable man Mr. Hall"

Hall: "So to answer your question - when I was actually getting my ass kicked by the Philadelphia Police Department I felt comfortable that 2 strong Black Democrats were ultimately the commanders of these rogue cops who were kicking my ass after I had charged them up by going on a long chase through the city, having almost killed some people."

PHNN: "That is interesting. I hear the same hope for motivation being said about Obama. People say that if young Black males like yourself were to see that a BLACK MAN can rise to the level of President that it might motivate you to achieve higher as well. Your comments?"

Hall: "Well that is nice but in truth I my daddy hadn't left me hanging all of those times I had waited for him to come on the weekends for his court ordered visitation - I believe that this would have had a much greater impact upon me. You see - now that I think about it sir, Getting your ass kicked by the Philadelphia Police Department feels the same regardless of is the mayor is White or Black, Democrat or Republican. I must therefore figure that had Obama been president at the time rather than evil George W. Bush - my ass would be just as raw now as it is today. This claim is only used to draw Black folks to vote with their HEARTS and not their ASSES.

PHNN: "Powerful!"

Hall: "I just hope I can get my felony conviction tossed out because I got my ass kicked by the Police Department of Philadelphia so that I can vote for Obama in November."

PHNN: "We at Parallel Hood News Network thank you so much Mr. Hall. Your words were insightful. Now I can truly say that I can empathize about how it feels to get your Ass Kicked by the Philadelphia Police Department.

Monday, May 5, 2008

City Of Atlanta Purchases $300,000 Public Toilets Rather Thouse A Luxury House For The Homeless That Use The Toilet

But hey........at least they are not sending our money to Iraq!!!

Maybe the hundreds of workers that were recently laid off from the City of Atlanta can come down to pee once they get evicted.

article: Flush That! City Pays $1.5 Million For Five State Of The Art Toilets

ATLANTA -- Three hundred thousand dollars will buy you a house, a fleet of cars, or in the city of Atlanta's case, a public toilet.

The City purchased five public toilets at $300,000 apiece. That's $1.5 million dollars in total.

The facilities feature automatic doors, sinks and seats. They even play music while users take care of their business.

Some are questioning the spending at a time when the city is laying off hundreds of people.

"Every time you flush it, how much money is going down the drain?" questioned Atlanta resident Chuckie Langford.

"I'm surprised they're not gold," noted Barbara Payne from the Fulton County Taxpayers Foundation.

The state of the art toilets are found around the city including Woodruff Park, Piedmont Park and just behind Atlanta City Hall. Some are only open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

"What? So it's not even a 24/7 toilet?" asked Payne.

Not everyone was disappointed with the purchase. Joseph St. Jean just opened a trolley tour line for visitors. He thought the money was well spent.

"It sounds a little pricey, but I also think the City is working on its image to promote people coming to the City," he told Channel 2's Lori Geary.

The toilet company owner reports they've had 38,000 customers take care of their business in the facilities in the past three months.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

President Obama Orders The Federal Agency That Created The AIDS Virus To Release The Antiserum

President Obama Orders The Federal Agency That Created The AIDS Virus To Release The Antiserum

In a move that seems strangely like a classic superhero/villian movie, the newly inaugurated President Barack Obama carried another of his “First 100 Days Of Change” initiative and released an executive order for the National Institute of Health funded experiment that created the HIV virus which causes AIDS to be halted immediately and for the antiserum to be released all over the world so that this ravages of this deadly virus could be counteracted.

President Obama in a “fireside chat” told Americans that he was indeed present during the Sunday in which his mentor and former pastor Jeremiah Wright made the case that the Federal government had created the AIDS virus to kill Black people and other undesirables. Mr. Obama noted that he was inspired to become president of the United States in order to reverse course of this deadly, imperialistic policy that has lead t to the millions of deaths and the billions in profits from the Big Pharmacy Industrial Complex, particularly in the west. This is a feat that even President Clinton, a friend at the time to people of color – though now this has changed – failed to do during his term.

Mr. Obama used this as his initial onslaught against the Big Pharma. President Obama stated “during the past 8 disasterous years under the Bush Administration Big Pharam enjoyed an increased share of the federal budget with the ill-conceived expansion of 'Medicare Part D' that provided expensive drugs to seniors while lining the pockets of Big Pharma. I will radically change this program – demanding that these corporations continue to provide these needed drugs for the people, but I will slash the money paid by the US federal government to 1/10th the current pay out. The inflation rate for drugs and other capitalist elements of the health care system is out of control, outpacing the inflation rate. I will transfer these savings in reduced drug expenditures over to our friends in the Big University Educational Complex so that more students are able to go to school. Where as the increases in costs of drugs that exceed inflation is an example of pure greed posing as the benefit of our elders, the increases in costs of secondary education which also exceeds inflation is a necessary good. How else are my friends who are “academics” going to be able to pay their mortgages – with the declining dollar that is another vestige of the failed Bush Administration? This is federal money well spent in my estimation. Or at least I have the “audacity” to think so.

An "Inconvenient Change" For Me!!! Acceptance of Global Warming and Evolution!

“An Inconvenient Truth” And Evolution

I recently watched Al Gore's “An Inconvenient Truth” for the first time. After seeing this documented truth about the destruction that is happening to the Earth and how the conservative operatives have allowed their ideology to trump SCIENCE I now realize that I must change my ways.

No longer will I allow my conservative antics to trump what science has told us is the case. “Global Warming” Is Real!!!! I have allowed my conservative bias to make me turn a blind eye to the truth. For me it was the sight of drowned polar bears in the dethawing artic ocean that did it for me.

I addition to my acceptance of “Global Warming” however, is my acceptance of EVOLUTION! The polar bears who are drowning today are simply inferior creatures who have failed to adapt! These current crop of polar bears will die out. In a few hundred thousand years, however, there will appear a new species of bears that have evolved from the current polar bear. Since these creatures will be more warm weather and aquatically oriented I image that this edition of the polar bear will have gills to be able to swim long stretches in the open ocean which has now defrosted and that heavy white coat will be gone as the once cold Arctic will be a sunny paradise similar to the environment in the Caribbean.

Recall that there is no room for SELECTIVE UNDERSTANDING in science. We must accept all that has been proven in scientific fact. Thus “Global Warming” and “Evolution” must be taken together. Since the Ice Ages are a proven cycle within the Earth's multi-million year lifecycle it is clear that the body of living beings have survived before, adapting where necessary to live within the changing climate. I have confidence in the science that we are asked to have faith in that we will survive once again.

In fact all of the animals who are dying in parched Earth of today are simply inferior species who were not equipped to adapt to the changes in climate – just as the dinosaurs were not equipped. We should follow the natural course that nature guides us toward and wait for Evolution to kick in and allow the fittest among us to survive. Who are we to tamper with the natural order of things?

Forget the Christian notions of Creationism and the protection of “God's planet”! We need to have confidence in the natural adaption of all living beings. Just as we all evolved from simple bacteria to the creatures we are today – IT WILL HAPPEN AGAIN!!

Friday, March 14, 2008

John Conyers' New Restaurant

Upon entering the facility which was opened up in a formerly vacant space in Detroit that had been a business that was briefly opened with the assistance of federal "enterprise zone" funding but which closed after they ran through the government money - you are greated by former US Representative John Conyers. After serving more than 25 years in the US House he has take up President Obama's call for "change" and thus was brought to see that his greatest contribution to "change" would be to retire from his seat and allow some younger blood to enter into Congress with some new ideas in the post-Civil Rights era.

As you are greated by Mr. Conyers, having complemented on the 'great job' that he has done during his years in the Congress you tell him of your reservations that you had made in advance for 6pm. You show up on time. Immediately after you get these words out - a poor family with 4 children crash through the door. The unmarried father of these children tells Mr. Conyers "How are you sir? My family and I were driving by and saw your establishment with your name upon it. We were on our way to the soup kitchen to get our evening meal but instead we decided to come here because we know that you are going to treat us FAIRLY and with dignity."

Mr Conyers looks at his seating chart and sees that he has only one table for 4 available but that it is right next to the table for 2 that he had marked out for YOU. As he thinks about the situation he tells YOU - "Sir - I am going to take your table and join it with the table of 4 so that this family of 6 can enjoy their meal together. I am going to have to ask you to take a seat in our waiting area until another table comes available".

In your mind you struggle with the balance between yielding to this poor, hungry family going before you AND the fact that YOU PREPARED IN ADVANCE - having made reservation that were guaranteed. Since this is but a small issue - you agree with no outward signs of protest.

After waiting an addition 35 minutes - you are finally seated. Your seat is in view of the family of 6 and another table that has a group of 4 men that seem to be laborers per the work clothes that they have on. You happen to notice that the family that were seated before you have their stomachs full. You see evidence of a big steak bone, having been stripped of its meat, a bottle of wine and the fact that they are devouring the finest cheesecake on the menu. The work men, instead of going for the quality of food have instead eaten an abundance of food and thus have a steady stream of plates that are transported to and from their table. You make nothing of either of these two points at this time. The men must just be hungry after working all day long.

You and your spouse are on a diet. You both do everything possible to insure that you live healthy lives. This includes exercise, avoidance of risky behavior that might lead to other undesirable ends and, as importantly, you both limit and govern your intake of food. This is both in quantity and in character. No binging and no junk food. You also don't eat pork. You pass on the deserts typically.

When Mr. Conyers comes around to greet you and take your order after having looked over the menu - you tell him about your dietary habits and your spouse only orders a salad and a few egg rolls from the appetizer menu as her main entree. You order a salad and a steak.

Upon receiving your food you first glance at your spouse's plate and everything looks in order. You look at your plate and you make note that your $40 steak is actually a $15 inferior cut of beef. In a slight bit of anger you summon for Mr. Conyers to explain why you didn't get the meat that you asked for. Certainly this is not a "Prime Rib" cut in your plate. Mr. Conyers explains to you that he has a great amount of operating overhead, having to pay all of his employees a "Living Wage" thus in order to accomplish this social mandate for such wages he had to take liberties in making an ABSTRACTION between the cut of meat delivered to the customer and THE PRICE THAT THEY PAY for that meat. He tells about how proud you should feel in that by making the sacrifice you are insuring that many families of the people who he employs get to live in decent homes, have food on their tables and get health care. Once again - you try to look at the big picture rather than selfish considerations.

As you set in to eat your meal you notice that the table of 4 laborers get up and depart for the exit door. Their receipt that was left on the table gets brushed onto the floor and over to your foot. You take a look at the details of the receipt. The paper is about 13 inches long with details of all of the meat, dishes and drinks that these men consumed. You make note, however, that for all of this food, John Conyers has only charged them $20! In your mind you say - this is GREAT! All of this food and its only twenty dollars?!?! I am not so mad at my steak after all.

When you note that the family that took your original seat get up and leave you see Mr. Conyers opening his cash register and GIVING THEM money out of the register. You didn't see them give Conyers a large bill nor did you see them swipe a debt card and thus getting "cash back". You feign as if you are going to the bathroom and sneak their receipt off of the table. On their receipt you see that indeed they ordered food that was in more quantity than you and all of the high end items on the menu. What draws your attention, however, is the fact that the total on their receipt says -$35.00. You see that with this being a negative number John Coyners was paying them money for eating at his restaurant. Puzzled, you go to the bathroom and then tell your spouse about both situations.

After a cup of coffee and a good conversation with your spouse about your jobs and the need for a foreign vacation during the summer as a get away you ask the waiter for your check. You have great anticipation for what you will be charged since the other two people have gotten such good deals from the establishment. You get your check and you fall back in your chair onto the floor, eliciting laughs from other diners who are watching. You see a bill for $300. You angrily charge over to the cash register where John Conyers is standing, demanding that he explain his invoice!

Conyers demands that you settle down as he can explain it all you to. He tells you that indeed you at a reasonable meal with moderate portions and relatively low priced items from his menu, unlike the other two groups of people that you made note of. He tells you that "In my restaurant the man with $1 in his pocket is treated equally with the man with $1 million in his". Conyers makes note that the family that he seated had wages that put them into the range of poverty and thus they received a subsidy from his establishment for eating the food that they needed. He tells of his STANDARD OF LIVING that is afforded to everyone, making sure that everyone is able to meet these standard with his supplement.

He then explains that the 4 men who were charged $20 despite the fact that they ate a quantity of food that was far in excess of what you and your spouse ate. He explains to you that, once again, he is focused on "standard of living" and equality of outcomes than he is on what one's money can buy. These men are laborers. Their housing costs eat up a large portion of their annual salaries. It would be unfair of HIM to charge them for what they ate he instead referenced their bill on their income.

He goes on to say that YOU and YOUR SPOUSE are upper middle class individuals. Your household income is $180,000, thus placing you in the top 5% of income of Americans. Thus he took the liberties to ABSTRACT the VALUE of the food that you ate from the PRICE CHARGED to you. While it is true that the family got charged nothing for the same steak that you got charged for - in relative terms YOU were more able to pay for the steak that you ate so he recouped his costs of operating the restaurant and all of the subsidies paid out ONTO YOUR BILL.

He asks "Why are you so selfish? You have been blessed with great fortune - what harm has he done to you in relative terms?". You steam out angrily realizing that you will never set foot in this restaurant again that has this type of arrangement.

Mr. Conyers, knowing that you and others would never voluntarily reenter his facility after the first experience and that there is a long line of individuals who receive NET BENEFIT from his restaurant which need people like you to frequent his place so that he can pay for their meals - beings to lobby his old friends in Congress to force ALL RESTAURANTS IN THE CITY to adopt this fee schedule so that one day YOU WILL HAVE NO PLACE TO RUN TO and will be forced to comply with a system that you would not rationally think of doing so without such coercion.