A Warning To The Ignorant

A Warning To The Ignorant

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Crack Kit Part 2 - The Financing

I knew that it would happen.
I good idea that addresses the challenges that some folks are always complain about, when provided to them for their own consideration would be met with skepticism and doubt.

The question was asked "Who is going to pay for the 'Crack Kit' and how is it going to be distributed? This is the typical line of thinking of those who seek Government to do all for them so that a benefit can be expressed.

Well it is simple folks. For years we have been told of the COSTS that the "War On Drugs" have rendered upon communities where THE SYSTEM (The CIA who is allowing in the drugs, the non-Black drug dealers who are bringing in the drugs as 'Blacks don't own planes', the Police who are locking us up, the Judges who are sentencing us using draconian laws and the jailers who are profiting off of us).

It is very simple folks. We can EXPRESS THE VALUE of the 'Crack Kit' by tallying all of the profit that each of the operatives above are currently making and then achieve a sales price of the crack kit by backending a number.

For example for a father of 2 to be locked up for 20 years because he had sufficient supply of crack (having just picked it up from the CIA field office) we can compute the following:

Salary Forgone in 20 years: Living Wage of $35,000 x 20 years = $700,000

Quality Time with family: 3 hours per night assisting with homework and character building: Value of Quality Time is $100 per hour x 3 hours x 365 days x 20 years = $2,190,000 (WOW)

Education/Skills Potential Squandered:
(This one is a bit more complicated)
The Living Wage annual salary of $35,000 breaks down to about $16 per hour for a 40 hour work week. If the person's wage VALUE absent the government imposed Living wage is $9 per hour then the spread between Living Wage rate and real value is $7 per hour in unearned benefit that the employer must pay this worker because the employer is forced to by God-vermit policy.

I will argue that had the individual been free from jail AND properly influenced to see the correlation between PREPARATION via skills development and the PROFIT that he can receive from being able to command a higher salary that his wage rate would be $30 per hour, a REAL "Living Wage" indeed. A raise recognized via MARKET VALUE rather than having the GOD-VERMIT to TELL THE MARKET how much an employee SHOULD BE VALUED because his body is housed within the borders of the United States of America. So for the sake of calculation the total annual SQUANDERED WAGES are $62,400 (that being $30 per hour x 2080 hours per year) minus the ground floor living wage salary of $35,000 which comes out to a spread of $27,400. Thus this $548,000 (20 years) is the amount of money that has flown away because the person is locked up and not able to develop marketable skills. (Weight lifting to grow stronger and thus defend yourself from a "Man Love" attack in prison and learning how to 'become a better criminal' don't count).

So let's tally where we stand for this 20 year prison bid:

$700,000 + $2,190,000 + $548,000 = $3,438,000 in lost value.
I won't talk about the cost of the increase in chances that this man's children will follow him into jail due to their father being absent.

So let us use this rounded $3,500,000 value for our calculations of the price of a "crack kit".

If a Crack head takes 2 hits per day then he will need a box that contains 15 crack kits in on week's time. The extra kit is thrown in because he is bound to leave the microwave on for too long from time to time and burn up the contents and smell up the house, just like people do with Jiffy Pop. So one box of 15 units would mean the purchase of 52 boxes per year. If these crack kits work to successfully reduce the person's sentence to 5 years because he is caught with cocaine in powdered form (just like the White folks use) then surely there is great value to the crack kit.

(Darn it - my calculations are now screwed up - but I am not going back to fix them).

Hell - let's just charge $0.50 per crack kit and be done with it.
If the CRACK HEAD doesn't see what he is doing to his kids, loved ones and his community then coming up with a precise financial model is not going to change him.

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