A Warning To The Ignorant

A Warning To The Ignorant

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Getting The Bird To Depart The Nest By Realizing His God Given Purpose

Eagle or Penguin?

There are two groups who claim to want to have the bird to fly from the nest. The permanent paternalist have a view that this bird needs a hand upon its breast to keep it in the sky as it departs this nest, so unsure of its capabilities to fly. Having been thoroughly conditioned by the permanent paternalist of its injuries that have been inherited from its great-great-great grandparents who had their wings clipped off and oil thrown all over their bodies as an outsider debilitated him, this bird will flap its fully functioning wings as it is airborne (though in truth it is being supported in the sky by this hidden hand....The hand is really guiding the assisted bird to the voting booth). IT DOESN'T MATTER if the bird is flapping its wings sufficiently enough to actually leave the hand and go off on its own power OR if that bird is laxly flapping its wings just to APPEASE the hand that holds it up in an attempt to show that it is INDEED doing all that it can to fly on its own. In the second case both the hand and the bird are made content with their mutually beneficial relationship. The hand is the winner though for he gains a permanent supporter for his cause lest he remove his hand of support. The bird loses because it will NEVER fully use its God given attributes to soar like the other birds.

The second and conflicting force to the first is the one which attempts to convince the bird that is loathed to depart the nest that IT IS THEIR GOD GIVEN WILL TO FLY. He asks that bird to make note that he too has the same wings of the eagles that he is envious of. He attempts to strip away the conditioning that has been placed into their CULTURE and spread to the subsequent generations. He knows that INJURY CAN'T BE COMMUNICATED BETWEEN GENERATIONS........INJURY MUST BE INDOCTRINATED FROM PARENT TO PRODIGY.

ALL THE WHILE the "Bird Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalists Other Species Chasers" working from within tell him that the PENGUIN TOO is a bird that has wings and IT CAN'T FLY!!!!! Thus it is DISCRIMINATION to assume that just because one is a bird and has wings....that HE SHOULD BE ABLE TO FLY. He will begin to agree that it is Millions of years of EVOLUTION is the cause of his problem NOT his own lack of will to fly. The only problem with this observation is..........HE'S NOT A PENGUIN.

This opposing force who comes off as less sympathetic to the permanent paternalists would take the steps of pushing him off the side of the nest in order to force him to live up to his GOD GIVEN ARCHITECTURE for flight if it is necessary. He sees that some time direct action trumps attempting to rationalize with the non-rational, wholly indoctrinated subject.

Again the BQPFOSC will look out of the nest and point to the skeletons of the 5 birds that lay at the base of the tree and say to the bird "SEE, these are the VICTIMS of their PUSH'EM OUT OF THE NEST POLICIES....THEY KILLED THESE BIRDS just as they are attempting to KILL YOU!!! I will provide you with protection if you simply yield a bit of your soul to me."

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