A Warning To The Ignorant

A Warning To The Ignorant

Sunday, September 23, 2007

"Let That Klan Boy Go For He Is A Victim Of Societal Pressure"

Dateline 1956.

A 17 year old White male is identified as the assailant in the shooting of a 24 year old Black male in rural Virginia as the victim walked home from his afternoon job at a downtown hardware store. The young Black male survives the attack and is able to identify his attacker as being the son of the owner of a neighboring butcher shop.

Despite the fact that the local authorities have refused to prosecute the case, sighting the claim of one man's word against another and thus insufficient evidence, the local NAPH chapter is in agreement that this White boy should not be prosecuted. The NAPH (National Association For The Perpetuation Of The Hood) spokesperson indicates that young White male, Redd Neckerbockham has experienced a life of indoctrination into a system of hatred and never had a chance to form his own views about Blacks. They further stated that "young White trash" don't manufacture guns and ammunition and thus we need to focus on the SYSTEM that created Redd Neckerbockham rather than the ACTUAL ACTIONS that he has performed as expected.

Young Redd was born into a family that is known to be headed by the notorious Klan leader Peckter Roy "Woody" Neckerbockham. After years of conditioning at the hands of his father he had no choice but to strike out against the Negro and thus HE cannot be held accountable for what the father, the fire arms industry and the school system has fomented in this young boy's life.

The NAPH prides itself in NON-JUDGMENTALISM. Everyone deserves a second change. The thought of prosecuting this YOUNG BOY as an adult (That's IF the local prosecutor had decided to prosecute him at all) seems unconscionable.

The NAPH through independent investigation found that Redd purchased his gun from the local "Sears and Roebuck" store and his klan sheets from "Linen & Things". Thus they decided to wage a protest against both of these stores in order to cut off the supply of guns and sheets to future "Red Neckerbockhams" who might be inclined to shoot a Black man in the future.


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