A Warning To The Ignorant

A Warning To The Ignorant

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Crack Kit Part 2 - The Financing

I knew that it would happen.
I good idea that addresses the challenges that some folks are always complain about, when provided to them for their own consideration would be met with skepticism and doubt.

The question was asked "Who is going to pay for the 'Crack Kit' and how is it going to be distributed? This is the typical line of thinking of those who seek Government to do all for them so that a benefit can be expressed.

Well it is simple folks. For years we have been told of the COSTS that the "War On Drugs" have rendered upon communities where THE SYSTEM (The CIA who is allowing in the drugs, the non-Black drug dealers who are bringing in the drugs as 'Blacks don't own planes', the Police who are locking us up, the Judges who are sentencing us using draconian laws and the jailers who are profiting off of us).

It is very simple folks. We can EXPRESS THE VALUE of the 'Crack Kit' by tallying all of the profit that each of the operatives above are currently making and then achieve a sales price of the crack kit by backending a number.

For example for a father of 2 to be locked up for 20 years because he had sufficient supply of crack (having just picked it up from the CIA field office) we can compute the following:

Salary Forgone in 20 years: Living Wage of $35,000 x 20 years = $700,000

Quality Time with family: 3 hours per night assisting with homework and character building: Value of Quality Time is $100 per hour x 3 hours x 365 days x 20 years = $2,190,000 (WOW)

Education/Skills Potential Squandered:
(This one is a bit more complicated)
The Living Wage annual salary of $35,000 breaks down to about $16 per hour for a 40 hour work week. If the person's wage VALUE absent the government imposed Living wage is $9 per hour then the spread between Living Wage rate and real value is $7 per hour in unearned benefit that the employer must pay this worker because the employer is forced to by God-vermit policy.

I will argue that had the individual been free from jail AND properly influenced to see the correlation between PREPARATION via skills development and the PROFIT that he can receive from being able to command a higher salary that his wage rate would be $30 per hour, a REAL "Living Wage" indeed. A raise recognized via MARKET VALUE rather than having the GOD-VERMIT to TELL THE MARKET how much an employee SHOULD BE VALUED because his body is housed within the borders of the United States of America. So for the sake of calculation the total annual SQUANDERED WAGES are $62,400 (that being $30 per hour x 2080 hours per year) minus the ground floor living wage salary of $35,000 which comes out to a spread of $27,400. Thus this $548,000 (20 years) is the amount of money that has flown away because the person is locked up and not able to develop marketable skills. (Weight lifting to grow stronger and thus defend yourself from a "Man Love" attack in prison and learning how to 'become a better criminal' don't count).

So let's tally where we stand for this 20 year prison bid:

$700,000 + $2,190,000 + $548,000 = $3,438,000 in lost value.
I won't talk about the cost of the increase in chances that this man's children will follow him into jail due to their father being absent.

So let us use this rounded $3,500,000 value for our calculations of the price of a "crack kit".

If a Crack head takes 2 hits per day then he will need a box that contains 15 crack kits in on week's time. The extra kit is thrown in because he is bound to leave the microwave on for too long from time to time and burn up the contents and smell up the house, just like people do with Jiffy Pop. So one box of 15 units would mean the purchase of 52 boxes per year. If these crack kits work to successfully reduce the person's sentence to 5 years because he is caught with cocaine in powdered form (just like the White folks use) then surely there is great value to the crack kit.

(Darn it - my calculations are now screwed up - but I am not going back to fix them).

Hell - let's just charge $0.50 per crack kit and be done with it.
If the CRACK HEAD doesn't see what he is doing to his kids, loved ones and his community then coming up with a precise financial model is not going to change him.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

The Justice Actor-vists Will Propose A New "Crack Kit"

Press Release From The "Center For Fairness In Crackhead Sentencing"

November 17, 2007

After years of inaction from the American justice community under both Republican and Democratic administrations the "Center for Fairness In Crackhhead Sentencing" has come up with an innovative strategy that would allow Black people to avoid the punitive criminal punishment associated with their use of and possession of Crack Cocaine.

As background history - Crack is a "Black Drug". You have heard us say this for more than a decade now. Check out the movie "New Jack City" and you will see that we were largely responsible for challenging the government to "DO SOMETHING" because otherwise it was "RACIST!" to sit back while the Black community was being destroyed by crack. We have come to realize just as Jay Z, Nelson George and the guy who actually wrote movie "New Jack City" stated - Ronald Reagan was responsible for setting up the conditions by which the Black community became crack addicted by his cuts to the government social programs that had Blacks happy and employed. After cutting us in this way he then put salt in the wound by importing drugs from the Contras - just I a famous rap song detailed for us last night at our party.

The bottom line is - we can't wait any longer for the sentencing guidelines to be changed to a more favorable state. Users of the "Black drug", Crack are sentenced to a term that is 5 times that of what people who use the "White drug" cocaine are sentenced to.

Our organization has gotten together with several "street corner pharmacists" and we have a solution!

Since cocaine in "crack form" has the policy of "5 will get you 25" we propose to sell an "At Home CRACK KIT". We will be setting up training classes to teach the crack cookers how to cook up their cocaine from raw form into "crack" but to leave out the last step prior to its distrubtion. Therefore when the distributor or crackhead gets caught by the police they will have "intermediate crack" rather than actual crack. Intermediate Crack is like lumpy cocaine with some additional chemicals added to it. With our "At Home Crack Kit" we provide the crack heads with a microwavable pouch to do the final process which turns the "intermediate crack" (which is still legally cocaine) into "acutal crack". Once you hear the crack stop popping in the microwave then you know that it is done.

We have done testing in all major justisdictions across America. All liberal judges go along with the fact that our "At Home Crack Kit" is not indeed "crack" in its final form and thus they didn't sentence our testers via the crack guidelines, they in fact gave us the cocaine sentencing. (Please note - we were not able to fully test the system in Camden New Jersey. The evidence was stolen out of the police evidence room and was likely smoked by one of the officers charged with guarding the stash. Further tests will have to be done to confirm the policies of Camden.

Though our innovation we have come up with an effective way to get around an oppressive law.

Ingredients for Crack:

Crack cocaine, a form of cocaine base, is derived from powder cocaine. Unlike the processing of freebase cocaine, converting powder cocaine into crack cocaine does not involve any flammable solvents. The powder cocaine is simply dissolved in a solution of sodium bicarbonate and water. The solution is boiled and a solid substance separates from the boiling mixture. This solid substance, crack, is removed and allowed to dry. The crack cocaine is then broken or cut into "rocks," each typically weighing from one-tenth to one-half of a gram. One gram of pure powder cocaine will convert to approximately 0.89 grams of crack cocaine. The DEA estimates that crack rocks are between 75% and 90% pure cocaine.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Getting The Bird To Depart The Nest By Realizing His God Given Purpose

Eagle or Penguin?

There are two groups who claim to want to have the bird to fly from the nest. The permanent paternalist have a view that this bird needs a hand upon its breast to keep it in the sky as it departs this nest, so unsure of its capabilities to fly. Having been thoroughly conditioned by the permanent paternalist of its injuries that have been inherited from its great-great-great grandparents who had their wings clipped off and oil thrown all over their bodies as an outsider debilitated him, this bird will flap its fully functioning wings as it is airborne (though in truth it is being supported in the sky by this hidden hand....The hand is really guiding the assisted bird to the voting booth). IT DOESN'T MATTER if the bird is flapping its wings sufficiently enough to actually leave the hand and go off on its own power OR if that bird is laxly flapping its wings just to APPEASE the hand that holds it up in an attempt to show that it is INDEED doing all that it can to fly on its own. In the second case both the hand and the bird are made content with their mutually beneficial relationship. The hand is the winner though for he gains a permanent supporter for his cause lest he remove his hand of support. The bird loses because it will NEVER fully use its God given attributes to soar like the other birds.

The second and conflicting force to the first is the one which attempts to convince the bird that is loathed to depart the nest that IT IS THEIR GOD GIVEN WILL TO FLY. He asks that bird to make note that he too has the same wings of the eagles that he is envious of. He attempts to strip away the conditioning that has been placed into their CULTURE and spread to the subsequent generations. He knows that INJURY CAN'T BE COMMUNICATED BETWEEN GENERATIONS........INJURY MUST BE INDOCTRINATED FROM PARENT TO PRODIGY.

ALL THE WHILE the "Bird Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalists Other Species Chasers" working from within tell him that the PENGUIN TOO is a bird that has wings and IT CAN'T FLY!!!!! Thus it is DISCRIMINATION to assume that just because one is a bird and has wings....that HE SHOULD BE ABLE TO FLY. He will begin to agree that it is Millions of years of EVOLUTION is the cause of his problem NOT his own lack of will to fly. The only problem with this observation is..........HE'S NOT A PENGUIN.

This opposing force who comes off as less sympathetic to the permanent paternalists would take the steps of pushing him off the side of the nest in order to force him to live up to his GOD GIVEN ARCHITECTURE for flight if it is necessary. He sees that some time direct action trumps attempting to rationalize with the non-rational, wholly indoctrinated subject.

Again the BQPFOSC will look out of the nest and point to the skeletons of the 5 birds that lay at the base of the tree and say to the bird "SEE, these are the VICTIMS of their PUSH'EM OUT OF THE NEST POLICIES....THEY KILLED THESE BIRDS just as they are attempting to KILL YOU!!! I will provide you with protection if you simply yield a bit of your soul to me."

Sunday, September 23, 2007

"Let That Klan Boy Go For He Is A Victim Of Societal Pressure"

Dateline 1956.

A 17 year old White male is identified as the assailant in the shooting of a 24 year old Black male in rural Virginia as the victim walked home from his afternoon job at a downtown hardware store. The young Black male survives the attack and is able to identify his attacker as being the son of the owner of a neighboring butcher shop.

Despite the fact that the local authorities have refused to prosecute the case, sighting the claim of one man's word against another and thus insufficient evidence, the local NAPH chapter is in agreement that this White boy should not be prosecuted. The NAPH (National Association For The Perpetuation Of The Hood) spokesperson indicates that young White male, Redd Neckerbockham has experienced a life of indoctrination into a system of hatred and never had a chance to form his own views about Blacks. They further stated that "young White trash" don't manufacture guns and ammunition and thus we need to focus on the SYSTEM that created Redd Neckerbockham rather than the ACTUAL ACTIONS that he has performed as expected.

Young Redd was born into a family that is known to be headed by the notorious Klan leader Peckter Roy "Woody" Neckerbockham. After years of conditioning at the hands of his father he had no choice but to strike out against the Negro and thus HE cannot be held accountable for what the father, the fire arms industry and the school system has fomented in this young boy's life.

The NAPH prides itself in NON-JUDGMENTALISM. Everyone deserves a second change. The thought of prosecuting this YOUNG BOY as an adult (That's IF the local prosecutor had decided to prosecute him at all) seems unconscionable.

The NAPH through independent investigation found that Redd purchased his gun from the local "Sears and Roebuck" store and his klan sheets from "Linen & Things". Thus they decided to wage a protest against both of these stores in order to cut off the supply of guns and sheets to future "Red Neckerbockhams" who might be inclined to shoot a Black man in the future.


Friday, September 21, 2007

Civil Rights Leaders Call For Ban On "Assault Nooses"

With the recent brutal acts of lynching executed by White Racists that string back to the Reconstruction Era - Black Civil Rights Activists have demanded forceful government action to rectify the situation that will prevent other Black people from suffering the same unjust fate.

The NAPH (National Association For The Perpetuation Of The Hood)has called for a strict boycott of the noose and the materials that go into making such a device that has lead to the deaths of nearly 5,000 Black people from our release from Slavery to the end of the Civil Rights Movement.

The NWA "National Whitefolks Association) rejected the call to control nooses saying "Nooses don't kill people Racist WHITE FOLKS kill people". They pointed to all of the nooses that they have hanging in their offices that have never gone around anyone's neck and killed them.

The NAPH joined by Reverend Bebe Dadde said that while they respected the constitutional right to bear arms - they saw no need to allow individuals to own "assault nooses" - the nooses made from a rope that is 1/2 in radius or greater. There is simply no reason for a person to own such a noose because it is only used for one purpose - hanging people without the rope snapping.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

The Purpose Of This Blog

I try very hard to not "cross contaminate" the various blogs that I maintain as each of them has a specific purpose.

Function Culture - Is A Discussion On Black Culture With A More Positive And Constructive Spin To It

Within The Black Community - Is My "Tough Love" Site. It Details The CONSEQUENCES of Our People Having Outsourced Our Dreams Over To A Political Entity and the OPERATIVES Who Have Free Reign In Our Community

Uncategorized Ranting - Is a Collection Of Thoughts That Have Nothing To Do With The Black Community Per Se But Which Needs to Get Out There

My news creation "The Parallel Hood" is my satirical look at my people and the logical next steps that is in order IF some of the claims and tactics that are used today would have been used when we had no other alternative than to do for self.

I want to keep a clean distinction between each blog and thus - here is my newest creation.